Walt Disney Animation Studio Coming to Vancouver

A new Walt Disney Animation Studio is coming to Vancouver next year. They will be opening the new Walt Disney Animation Studios production facility in Vancouver, British Columbia to help increase the streaming offerings.


It is at this production facility for Walt Disney in Vancouver that they will be working on long-term series content and recruiting new talent for different media projects.

The news of the new Walt Disney Animation Studios production facility coming to Vancouver was recently announced by the WDAS President Clark Spencer.

Disney continues to create a broad range of content today, including content for their Disney+ platform and the company has been working toward growing the offering of original projects. Disney is expected to spend billions of dollars on streaming content in the next few years.

For the new Disney facility in Vancouver it is reported that the first project it might be working on is the highly anticipated feature quality musical series Moana.


Vancouver Walt Disney Animation Studio

The new Walt Disney Animation studio for Vancouver is going to be arriving sometime next year. They are already currently involved in recruiting talent and it is expected that it will open in the beginning of next year.

The highly anticipated Moana project is reportedly going to be worked on first as it is scheduled to debut on Disney+ at some point in 2024. This expansion into Vancouver is going to help grow the already thriving movie industry that British Columbia is home to.

Hollywood North on the West Coast

A number of high profile movies and television shows have been filmed in the region including Smallville, The L Word, Fantastic Four, films from the Twilight series, Supernatural, and other media projects.

Last fall we saw that the television and film industry started to get back into full swing and was getting even busier than prior to the shutdown. Dozens of productions were being filmed here last fall and a variety of them are still being worked on in the province. There are multiple production facilities in British Columbia, along with talent agencies, film studios, and other businesses that cater to this industry and make Hollywood North a possibility.

In British Columbia right now there are multiple media projects being worked on including television series in BC being filmed like A Million Little Things, Batwoman, DC Legends of Tomorrow, Family Law, Nancy Drew, Resident Alien, Riverdale, Supergirl, The Flash, The Good Doctor, When Calls The Heart, and YellowJackets.


British Columbia has for years been leading the race in film production in Canada. This is because the number of feature films and television series that are being created here has soared in recent years, which has made the area a true film industry favorite.

For some actors in BC it also gives them an advantage too, those who say the market here is less saturated than perhaps Hollywood, California.

Coming to Vancouver is a strategic opportunity that has worked out for a few and the more films and television series that come to Vancouver and around the province to be created the more it brings jobs and economic benefits to the region as well. Already this is an industry which is bringing in billions into the economy and has helped to create thousands of jobs along the way.

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