Dark sky tourism becoming more popular with travelers today

Dark sky tourism offers people a chance to get away from the city and experience the beauty of the night sky in all of its glory.


There are multiple popular dark sky tourism areas in the United States today that are popular for stargazing. This new niche form of ecotourism or astrotourism is a chance to bring people out to certain parks and other areas to explore them in a new darker setting.

For stargazers that are seeking to get away from the city lights and see what the night sky has to offer this is what they’re looking for, a dark sky tourist adventure.

Today there is an International Dark-Skies Association (IDSA) and they’ve got some recommendations for anyone who might be wanting to engage in the dark sky tourism trend. This includes checking out places like those within the National Parks system. Death Valley in California, or the Grand Canyon for example, these can be great places to start that have that lack of light pollution which gives way for the night sky tourism to be enjoyed.

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When there is too much light pollution then that is going to negatively impact the view of that night sky, it isn’t going to look the same that it would if you were somewhere else that affords that sort of dark sky tourism. The night sky looks spectacularly different then and is obviously worth the experience because this is now a growing trend today.

Popular Dark Sky Tourism Destinations in Canada

Grouse Mountain and Burnaby Mountain are two locations in the Lower Mainland that you might consider visiting if you were looking to get a bit of a better night sky view. Still, it isn’t going to be anything like going much further away from any light pollution that the city brings with it.

While driving along the highways in British Columbia, throughout the Okanagan for example, there is also plenty of opportunity to get those amazing night sky views.


Dark sky tourists have been visiting areas like Great Basin National Park, Big Bend in Texas, Joshua Tree National Park, and Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park in Florida, are all popular areas in the United States as well for stargazing.

The dark sky tourism trend is already growing around the United States and soon we might start to see more of it throughout Canada as well. There are many places around British Columbia that would offer the perfect arena for some nightly stargazing for any astrotourism adventures that people might be looking for.

It doesn’t take that long to get away from the city and get to a more fitting area to take in the night sky.

The dark sky tourism is a travel trend that has been growing for several years now.

Travelers are looking for that spectacular night sky experience to have some fun with friends or family. They want a night sky experience without all of the clutter, to find a great place to get a good view of the stars.

Other popular stargazing destinations that are considered among the best in the U.S. include places like Glacier National Park, Death Valley National Park, Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve, Cherry Springs State Park, and Stephen C. Foster State Park.


Travel Ideas That Aren’t That Expensive

In many cases the dark sky tourism isn’t going to be that expensive. In fact, your traditional camping experience is often going to afford the same night sky view. It might only take an hour or more to get out of the city and to get somewhere that you can enjoy the stars with a much better stargazing opportunity.

For something a little slower paced and a little more affordable too, sky tourism is offering travelers today an alternative who want to get outdoors and experience the night sky in a new way. Travelers around the United States and elsewhere can find dozens of locations for nighttime illumination if they want those outdoor, remote dark sky locations, they aren’t that hard to find.

Go overnight or go for an hour or two, the stargazing experience is one that can be tailored to your own interests and needs. Regardless of how long you are looking to get out and enjoy the night sky for there are many places to consider. And this is one trend that has caught the attention of travelers from all around the U.S. and beyond.

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