Burger Heaven: Dinner By The River in New West

Burger Heaven in New Westminster is one of those amazing little small business restaurants that is hard to know about unless you are a local. We have been going to Burger Heaven for decades. This place is full of character, charm, warmth, and serving some of the best burgers and food in New West right now.


The perfect date night restaurant in New West is Burger Heaven, easily. There is ample parking out front and a patio space for when the weather gets nice. When you want big portions, delicious taste, cold refreshing drinks, Burger Heaven has it all. This is the home of arguably the best burger in New West and it is a small business that is worth supporting.

Burger Heaven has been serving the New West community for years and is one of the best spaces to go to for lunch or dinner. Planning a birthday dinner for someone special? Looking to celebrate a special occasion? Want a relaxed night out with good comfort food? This location checks all of those boxes and more. If you have been here before then you know already how great this place is.

Burger Heaven, New Westminster

This is a great restaurant in New West for dine in with a patio and there are also delivery options too through delivery apps or you can order for takeout at Burger Heaven in New West as well.

Burger Heaven New West

At Burger Heaven they have got you covered for comfort dishes like chicken fingers, burgers, wings, onion rings, poutines, loaded potato wedges, and much more.

Find delicious burger options at this burger restaurant in New West like those listed below:

  • The Works Burger
  • Perogy Burger
  • BBQ Cheddar, Bacon, and Mushroom Burger
  • Breakfast Burger
  • and More!
burger and fries

Burger Heaven is a relaxed and comfortable restaurant to visit for a delicious and filling meal. You get your value here, the prices are affordable, and there is great variety with the food and drinks.

There are a wide variety of burger options here including meatless burger choices too. If you want a literal burger heaven then this is where you need to plan your meal.

Fish and Chips, Grilled Hawaiian Delight Sandwich, Chicken Cordon Blue Burger, and Hawaiian Burger.

Sandwiches, salad, burgers, wings, everything comfort food related they have it here. You can even swap the bun and order a lettuce wrap here as well, if you want to get the burger a little different.


This burger restaurant in New West is located close to the Fraser River and would be a great spot to stop in at before or after a Quayside visit. Take some food with you to eat at the boardwalk or a park nearby, there are plenty of spaces to choose from. Or enjoy it right there at the restaurant inside or on the patio.

Located: 77 10th St, New Westminster, BC, Canada

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