4 Affordable Ways to Cool Down This Summer

Millions of people in Canada do not have air conditioning in their homes. During this recent heatwave it has been difficult to try and cool down. While there are a number of cooling center locations in Vancouver and other places in BC that can be looked at, there are some affordable tips and tricks that people can try at home to cool off as well.


It isn’t always possible to get to the cooling center or to get somewhere that might be able to provide some relief. If you cannot afford to go out and purchase any fan or buy an air conditioning unit, then what else are people left to do? Luckily there are a number of creative hacks, tips, and tricks, that people have shared online.

These are tricks to cool down that people use when they’ve got little other options available. And sometimes a little bit of relief is better than nothing.

4. Bucket of Cold Water For Your Feet

If you have been sitting anywhere that is uncomfortably hot and then suddenly placed your feet into a bucket of cold water then you know how refreshing this can feel. This is something affordable and easy that you can do right from home that is frequently suggested as a tip to embrace when looking to cool off during those hot summer days.

3. Wet Clothes and Ice Packs Are Your Friend

It is easy, affordable, and quick, to go and get a wet cloth drenched in cold water. Pick up a few extra ice packs and toss those into the freezer. During a time when things get too hot and uncomfortable an ice pack or cold cloth can be your best friend. Some people even use them as well to help cool down their pets when things get too hot and uncomfortable. Ice packs and cold clothes are a great affordable option for keeping things cool at home and through summer.

2. Spray Cold Water On You

If you do have a fan at home and you have a little spray bottle, spray some cold water on yourself because this can instantly give you a bit of a breeze once that fan gets goin on you. Having a little bottle near by with some cold water can give a little bit of quick relief when you are looking to feel refreshed.

1. Freeze Blankets or Clothes

This is one that has been tested by a few and that is freezing your blankets or clothes so that they are cold when you put them on to go to bed or wear them during the hot day. You might even want to just freeze a small hand towel or something that you can wrap around your neck to keep cool during the day.

These aren’t the only tips out there of course, from eating ice cubes and running through the sprinkler there are many different ideas that people have come up with to try and share some inspiration for keeping things cool during the summer heat.


From placing any clothing, sheets, hand towel, or even the pillow case into the freezer to cool off, or misting yourself with cold water, there are a number of things to try even if you do not have air conditioning. Cooling off can be easier for some than it is for others and it is great to know that there are so many different ways to try and get cool during summer without spending money.

There are also various products created to help with that as well, such as hand-held fans, cooling pillows, cooling car seats, cooling blankets, cooling wristbands, cooling bandana options, and much more.

Other popular ideas to cool off during summer include:

  • taking a cold shower
  • increasing your daily water intake
  • using a sun-blocking umbrella when outside
  • eating cold food or ice cubes
  • taking a dip in the pool
  • playing water games outside

There are also a few tips and tricks that people use to try and keep their own home cooler if possible when things heat up in summer too. For trying to cool down in summer there have been frequent suggestions made, such as those here in Country Living which suggest to close the curtains, not turn on the oven to cook, and turning electrics off.

With the heatwave hitting BC right now and the West Coast there are millions wondering how they might cool down. Thankfully there are a number of cooling centers in Vancouver and cooling centers in the Lower Mainland to be found.

Some of the most popular places that people frequent in summer when looking to cool off on hot days have included places like public libraries, community centers, and malls.

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