Worth Stopping In At Doughnut Love

Doughnut Love is a new doughnut shop that has opened in Coquitlam and they are serving some of the freshest, high quality doughnuts you will find in the area.


Not only can you find an array of delicious gourmet doughnuts but they also have a variety of drinks and coffee options to make it the perfect breakfast or brunch spot.

Cherry Pie Doughnut from Doughnut Love

On the menu this month at Doughnut Love in Coquitlam you can find a variety of doughnuts to enjoy. This seen above here is the cherry pie doughnut that offers a heart shaped pie crust piece in the middle, with the cherry filling. The doughnuts are light, fluffy, fresh, and truly quality handmade goodies.

These are some of the best doughnuts that you will find in the Metro Vancouver area, and certainly among the top for doughnuts in the Coquitlam community.

Whether you are craving something sweet for breakfast or want to gift someone a special handmade gourmet treat, these doughnuts would be good for more than just one occasion.

Cookie Dough Doughnut from Doughnut Love

Find gluten free doughnuts from Doughnut Love as well as other gourmet handcrafted doughnut favorites like the Cherry Pie or Cookie Dough which you see above.

If you want to order your doughnuts ahead of time you can also pre-order the doughnuts through e-mail too. They also have online ordering coming soon. On their social media page you can also see information they share about what upcoming doughnut offerings will be seen on the menu too.

August Doughnut Love Menu Starting Aug 3

For July we saw doughnuts on the Doughnut Love menu like Cherry Pie, Smores, Apple Fritter (amazing!), and more. For the upcoming August Doughnut Love menu it is going to feature Vanilla Glaze, Apple Fritter (try it!), Homer (yum!), peach cobbler, banana bread, lemon meringue, and more.

Coffee and the best doughnuts can be found at Doughnut Love on your way to work or school, grab a box and take it over to the lake or to a park to enjoy. These are delicious, fresh, quality gourmet handcrafted doughnuts being made right in Coquitlam. This spot is definitely worth the visit.

If you are looking to get your hands on some of these fresh doughnuts in Coquitlam then you will want to get there early because they have been known to sell out.

The August Community Love Doughnut that Doughnut Love has also come up with is going to be the Blueberry Old Fashioned doughnut. Sales from this doughnut are going to go toward supporting the Tricity Transitions Society. This is a non-profit that is dedicated to helping provide resources to those experiencing domestic violence and abuse situations in the TriCity communities.

Sales from this doughnut through the month of August of the Blueberry Old Fashioned are going to go toward that cause, meaning $1 from each sale gets contributed. This is a chance to support small business, support a positive non-profit in the community, and to enjoy something new, fresh, and delicious, while doing it.

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