Merritt Kekuli Cafe Serving Delicious Indigenous Cuisine

One small business in Merritt, BC is serving up some truly authentic and delicious Indigenous cuisine and that is the Kekuli Cafe.


At the Kekuli Cafe in Merritt you are going to find fresh bannock, including flavors like Skor, Saskatoon, Maple Glaze, Lemon Butterhorn, and others. Find tacos, drinks, fresh bannock, and more. It is a great place to stop in for breakfast or lunch if you are passing through the idea.

Where is Kekuli Cafe Located: 2051 Voght St, Merritt, BC.

The Kekuli Cafe is a fair drive from the Metro Vancouver area. It would take several hours of driving to get there. For anyone vacationing in the region, heading to somewhere like Quilchena BC for example, you might be looking for a delicious cafe to stop in at end enjoy along the way.

Kekuli Cafe offers fresh recipes with menu items like the Bannock-wich Melts or the Pow Wow Frybread Tipi Tacos. The Lavender Lemonade is also truly worth the trip all on its own.

Skor Bannock from kekuli cafe in Merritt, BC

The fresh bannock donut-like snacks up at the front pair well with the drink choices on the menu. This is a perfect spot to stop in and have breakfast at or take it with you on the go. The small community that hosts this cafe is a stunning BC community that is worth exploring, with stunning mountain views to take in. Grab a lavender lemonade, Skor bannock treat, and go for a nice walk on a sunny day.

What’s good at the Kekuli Cafe?

Don’t go to the Kekuli Cafe in Merritt without trying their delicious bannock. There are several fresh and innovative flavors of bannock to choose from here. Also, if you have never tried bannock before this would be a great place to start.

There are also refreshing drinks like the Iced Matcha Lavender and Lavender Lemonade, among others. The lavender lemonade is perfectly refreshing on a hot summer day.

Fresh Bannock Flavors

The Kekuli Cafe is the first Canadian Indigenous restaurant franchise and it is right here in beautiful British Columbia.

At the Kekuli Cafe they focus on authenticity and are now seeing requests around the country for franchise opportunities. This is truly one of the best places to eat or order from in Merritt, BC. It makes a great place to pay a visit if you are passing through as well, heading on to other areas around British Columbia. It also isn’t that far of a drive from Metro Vancouver if you find a little craving for some weekend adventure.


At the Kekuli Cafe in BC they are making hundreds of pieces of bannock daily and there are many great flavors to try if you want a taste. Pair that great bannock variety with a number of lunch and breakfast menu items and you have a great cafe to stop in at for a meal.

The Kekuli Cafe gives people a chance to try authentic Indigenous cuisine and it offers that food with a tasteful and fresh twist, giving flavors like Skor, Oreo, Apple Spice, and Maple Glaze.

Try the Pithouse Corn & Bean Fry Bread Taco

Yes, they have tacos! Find delicious options like the Pithouse Corn & Bean Fry Bread Taco, Chicken Frybread Taco, and others. These are the Pow Wow Frybread Tipi Tacos and they make the perfect lunch, dinner, or quick snack.

Kekuli Cafe has you covered for breakfast with options like Wild Salmon Breakfast Bannock, Bacon Breakfast Bannock, or the Vegetarian Breakfast Bannock, among other choices. There is truly no need to panic if you are looking for bannock because there are plenty of choices on that front.

Kekuli Cafe in Merritt BC

Stop by this cafe in Merritt for some tacos and lavender lemonade and sit outside to enjoy it all while you people watch or have some good conversation. Merritt is a stunning BC community, one that is worth the visit and if you are stopping by then you should make a point to check out this innovative cafe for a bite to eat.

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