Dog Diving Pool Facility Opens in Nanaimo

A new 15 metre pool located near Nanaimo has opened which offers a dog diving experience.


Called Pooch Pool School this diving school for pups is the perfect opportunity for them to get out, get some exercise, and have some fun. It is the first of its kind sanctioned dock diving facility that is located near Nanaimo on the Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

There are dock diving competitions that go on for dogs and this new facility meets specifications that are set out by groups who head those diving events. This is a sport for dogs that you might never have heard of before but there are a number of pet owners who do it.

The competition has the dogs run the length of a dock and then jump into the pool to fetch a toy. Whether for competition or just looking for some aqua therapy there is more than one reason why a pet owner might be interested in going here.

There are also swim lessons for owners too that might want their dogs to possibly improve on their swimming skills or confidence in the water. This is a pet-friendly and fun venue that offers dogs the chance to cool off and have some good fun in the summer.

Anyone who wants to take their dog to the Pooch Pool School can make an appointment to bring their dog by for a visit. As more British Columbians become dog owners this creates more demand for venues and places that dog owners can bring their pets to.

The Pooch Pool School is one of those places on the island near Nanaimo that dogs can come and visit, there are other dog-friendly parks around BC as well to be found. Because of that need for more dog friendly parks near Vancouver and around BC though there is a new concept of pop up dog parks that are going to be experimented with this summer.


What is a pop up dog park?

The pop up dog park is going to be a new pilot program that seeks to create more dog friendly spaces around BC and this means hosting pop up dog parks at regional parks in the province. The pop up dog parks are going to allow owners to bring their pets and let them be off-lease, in spaces that will be surrounded by some temporary fences.

The upcoming pop up dog park program in Saanich, BC is going to be going from June 29 to Sept 8 and gives more space for dogs to come to the park between 7am to 10pm for at least 2 weeks before the pop up dog space is moved to another regional park.

Pop Up Dog Parks in Saanich This Summer

Gorge Park going on July 27 to Aug. 9
Rudd Park going on Aug. 10 to Aug. 23
Cadboro-Gyro Park going on Aug. 24 to Sept. 7

The information that gets gathered as a part of this initiative is hopefully going to contribute to further dog strategy planning that can make more dog friendly spaces for owners to enjoy around the province in the future. With the BC boom in dog ownership it is certainly needed.

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