White Spot BC Wildfire Burger Fundraiser

White Spot is having a fundraiser for wildfire relief efforts and that means that this Thursday July 29 White Spot will be donating $2 from each burger sold at its 96 White Spot and Triple O’s restaurants around the province.


Not only that but it will also include those burger sales from 11 BC Ferries too that are offering White Spot food on the journey.

Matching Donations For Wildfire Relief

There will be matched donations coming from the government on two levels as well, both provincial and federal. They will allegedly be matching $2 for every burger sold, that makes a total of $6 going toward relief efforts with each burger that gets sold for takeout or dine-in on July 29 2021.

BC White Spote Fundraiser July 29 2021

The money that gets collected from this BC wildlife fundraiser is going to go toward the Canadian Red Cross to help those BC wildfire relief efforts. There are hundreds of wildfires burning around the province and thousands of people who have faced evacuation orders, some facing multiple evacuation orders. There are also international firefighters that have come in from other countries to help crews battle the fires around the province.

BC Wildfire Relief Efforts

Different emergency centers can be found around the region, as well as other resources for donating supplies or money to those in need. One of those organizations that has been helping animals displaced from the fires around the province is the BC SPCA. There are multiple ways to support that organization, including financial donations, adoption of animals, or sponsoring of kennel spaces.


So far the wildfires have had a devastating impact on a number of communities in BC and thousands of families. There have been many who have been stepping up to support though. White Spot is one of those companies that is looking to make a difference now at this time and do what they can to support those BC wildfire relief efforts with the help of customers around the province.

White Spot Burger Fundraiser For Wildfire Relief

Don’t miss the chance to buy a burger as a part of the upcoming BC wildfire relief effort by White Spot where they will be donating a portion to those wildfire relief initiatives. That money is going to go on toward helping those who have been impacted by the wildfires. For anyone who wants to play a part in helping that initiative and supporting this burger wildfire fundraiser by this BC-based restaurant chain, July 29 2021 is the perfect time to do it.

The $2 donated for each burger purchased excludes Pirate Paks, Kids Meals, delivery and other discounts.

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