Okanagan Destinations Expecting ‘Tidal Wave of Cancellations’

There are wildfires burning around the province right now and this means that businesses and thousands of residents have been impacted.


Destination stays in the region have suggested that they are expecting to see a tidal wave of cancellations over the wildfires in BC and there are warnings for travelers to use caution, as there are a number of fires burning around the province and communities facing evacuation alerts as a result.

In the summer it is common for thousands of tourists to make their way up to the Okanagan and visit one of the many small communities there. You can find a variety of inns, restaurant businesses, and other tourist spots that fill up quick during summer when many go on vacation.

But the wildfires are threatening many properties and as they rage on the travelers in BC have been warned about heading close to those areas.

A number of vacations have already likely been compromised this year because of the wildfires that are making it already a busier than usual wildfire season in the province.

Another Struggle For BC Businesses and Communities

Evacuation stays have been filling up quickly and water shortages have also been aggravating the situation that we are seeing with wildfires in BC right now. Wineries are going to be impacted by this, as well as a variety of tourism-related businesses that usually see high numbers during these peak summer months.

The wildfires in BC are still described as out of control, and now another evacuation order has even gone out near Lytton, BC, which already saw a significant portion of its community burn to the ground. Firefighters are working around the clock throughout BC to try and contain the situation right now.

Out of town firefighters have come in to help, to the Canadian military are airlifting supplies all the way from Vancouver Island to get involved with and fight those wildfires in the BC Interior as well.


Right now there is no relief in sight for the wildfire forecast and a great portion of the resources for the season have already been spent battling those hundreds of fires around the province.

Support is coming but for regions around the Okanagan they are already seeing the impact from those fires. This is one more issue that is going to place strain on those businesses after they just made their way through the difficulties posed by the pandemic, which we are still dealing with as we move forward with the BC reopening plan for this year.

How many wildfires have there been this season?

Overall, more than 1000 wildfires have been ignited since April and over 338897 hectares burned. At one point recently there were more than 300 fires burning around the province. A significant portion of those fires are believed to have been ignited by lightning. There are hundreds though that have been linked to human activity.

Hundreds of residents around the province have already had to leave their homes under those various evacuation orders that have been given out.

Thousands of firefighters and other personnel are working together on those wildfires to try and contain the situation around BC right now. With the wildfires burning in BC and threatening many homes and businesses this has many people in those impacted communities feeling tension and concern, especially for those who are on evacuation alert.

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