Good Keto Options At Keto Caveman Cafe in Vancouver

A new Keto food spot has opened in Vancouver and that is the Keto Caveman cafe on Davie St which has a wide variety of keto options, vegan, and more on the menu.


You can stop in to order at the Keto Caveman Cafe on Davie and eat at the restaurant or you can order delivery through convenient delivery apps like Uber Eats, Skip The Dishes, and DoorDash.

At this keto restaurant in Vancouver you can find paleo, keto, and fresh vegan food menu items.

The Keto Caveman Davie is serving food like keto burritos, keto zoodle pho, keto pepperoni pizza, vegan burrito options, and more.

WHERE: 1230 Dave St, Vancouver

The Caveman Cafe is a great spot in Vancouver to order keto food right now when you are looking to find something delicious on that front and also something that is easy to order too.

Not only is there hot and fresh keto food like pizza and more but there is also keto butter chicken (which cauliflower rice) and keto sweets to find for dessert too.

Keto Restaurant in Downtown Vancouver

At this keto cafe on Davie St you will get food that is GMO free, gluten free, non-medicated, which offers keto foods like zucchini noodles, eggplant lasagna, wild salmon, free run chicken, and more.

There is also the option to find keto wholesale products such as keto bread and paleo bread too. For all of your keto needs in the Metro Vancouver area this Caveman Cafe on Davie St in Vancouver has got you covered.


Finding high quality keto food can be difficult when you just want something fast and simple. There is always the option to find salad on most menus, or lettuce wrap burgers, but there is so much more that can be made with a keto menu and the Caveman Cafe is demonstrating that with their delicious offers.

This cafe is going to make it easy for many in the region to stick with eating what they are looking for, whether that be paleo food finds, vegan, or keto etc. This Keto Cafeman Cafe on Davie is a great place to get started.

Davie St is a great location to explore if you want to have a good lunch in downtown Vancouver, there are many great restaurants, cafes, sweet shops etc, to enjoy that are located in this area of Vancouver.

Grab some keto lunch and have it outside, dine-in, or take it down the road to the beach at English Bay and enjoy with with a view of the ocean, or maybe at sunset for dinner. There are also parks nearby that you could bring your keto snack or keto lunch to as well to enjoy.

You can see the sweet section above for keto desserts and an expansive menu for the keto Caveman Cafe on Davie St in Vancouver. There is no limit to the keto options here, burritos, pizza, butter chicken dishes? They’ve got you covered and then some.

Keto Caveman Cafe Davie St menu

Above you can see the wide variety of keto choices they are serving at this keto cafe in Vancouver. Sides like roasted garlic and cauliflower fried in cheese, the Keto Lox Sandwich, burgers, lasagna, breakfast, and more.

keto cafe menu
keto Caveman Cafe menu
the finished product from Keto Caveman Cafe Davie

If you are craving a keto cheeseburger that tastes just as good (better!) than the real thing then the Caveman Cafe on Davie St will not disappoint. Find vegan food, paleo food items, keto, making it easy for anyone living these food lifestyles to eat well and eat fresh.

Paleo, Vegan, Keto Cafe Food Options

There is a keto bakery here too. If you want some keto bread or other keto bakery food choices then Caveman Cafe is there for you in Vancouver.

Food Options at Keto Bakery:

  • Keto Shepherd’s Pie (Frozen)
  • Keto Chocolate Salty Caramel Cake
  • Keto carrot cake
  • keto twix bar
  • keto lemon me up! bar
  • keto vegan loaf
  • keto red velvet cake
  • keto cheesecake

You can find those keto options and more to order here through delivery apps like DoorDash.

From breakfast to lunch, dinner, and all of the sweets or bakery goods you need, Caveman Cafe is delivering the best of paleo, keto, and vegan food right now.

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