State of Emergency Declared Over Wildfires in B.C.

Thousands had recently signed a petition that called on the B.C. government to declare a state of emergency over the wildfires. Now, that province-wide state of emergency is declared in BC this week.


With the hundreds of wildfires that are burning in the province there are thousands of people who are facing possible evacuation from their homes. Already, communities like Lytton saw significant destruction from the fires and many have been displaced from their homes.

The emergency crews throughout the province have been working hard to get control of the situation and work to protect communities around the province.

As the wildfires have continued to pose a threat to air quality and the safety of thousands living in BC. The wildfires have fueled a state of emergency in BC to be declared by officials. The BC state of emergency is supposed to help with those mass evacuations that are taking place.

As the Public Safety Minister made known, this BC state of emergency is going to help with those evacuation orders and assist the government in trying to find accommodation for any evacuees that might need it.

B.C. Has Reached A Critical Point

Hundreds of wildfires are burning in BC which has now prompted this state of emergency because we have seen that already the fires in BC have placed a significant strain on those emergency resources, fueling a greater threat to BC communities. Even with help coming in from outside of the country to assist the problem this BC state of emergency still needed to be declared.

Right now the province is at a critical point, according to the Public Safety Minister, and as of yesterday there were over 2,000 properties that were on evacuation orders around the province.

Over 16,000 Properties Under Evacuation Alert in B.C.

The Canadian federal government will now be sending the military to help assist in controlling those flames, with the state of emergency in BC being declared the situation has escalated to require that support.

Around the province there are over 16,038 properties that are facing possible evacuation, hundreds more have already lost their homes or had to evacuate already.

Anyone traveling around the province is also warned by officials not to travel to those regions that are under evacuation alert from fires in BC right now. Around the West Coast right now we have seen that it is an every firefighter on deck approach to the situation, with multiple communities facing fires and evacuations in British Columbia.

Hotels Filling Up In B.C.

Hotels in some areas of B.C. are already filling up with those evacuees and it has prompted some politicians to call for more help from the government to address the situation.

Smoky skies can be seen all around the province, in areas like Penticton, Osoyoos, and other regions. People have been seen sleeping in parking lots in their cars and RVs to try and seek refuge from the fire threat.

Already this season the cost has been tremendous to fight those fires around B.C. and overall it’s estimated that the issue has required $94 million or more before the peak fire season in B.C. has begun.

As far as what is causing the fires in BC it was reported that more than half are believed to have been started by lightning. However, there are hundreds of fires in BC that are allegedly linked to human activity this season as well. Until the situation is under control in British Columbia that state of emergency over fires needed to be declared.


How to help B.C. fire evacuees

One way to help would be to foster or adopt a cat that needs it from the BC SPCA, or another animal organization offering emergency services right now to cats and other animals impacted by the fires in BC The BC SPCA has recently dropped those adoption fees in an attempt to free up space at their shelters because there are so many animals who need the space.

Various emergency centers have also set up to offer vital goods to those in need, as well as other organizations that are raising funds to help those who have been impacted by the fires in BC too.

There is more than one way to send help to those who are in need and there are thousands in the province who are facing evacuation and who are in need of those resources and of more community support.

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  1. When we got that heatwave, I knew the fires were not far behind. A drought really is the last thing we need right now. I was thinking back to the first major BC forest fire season, and I believe that was 2015. It is so devastating.

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