Inkaneep Creek Wildfire: New Fire Breaks Out Near Osoyoos

A new wildfire has broken out near Osoyoos, roughly 6km north of the area. The Osoyoos fire, referred to as the Inkaneep Creek wildfire, is out of control and has quickly grown in size over a short period of time.


There are more than 300 fires burning around the province right now.

The season has already been costly and demanding with the hundreds of wildfires that emergency crews are dealing with around British Columbia. Out of town firefighters have come to the B.C. region to help battle those blazes. There are thousands who are on alert of possible evacuation and hundreds who have already been displaced by the fires.

There are multiple ways to send donations and help for those who have been impacted, including animals impacted by the wildfires in B.C.

So far it is believed that more than half of the wildfires in the province have been sparked by lightning, hundreds of those wildfires in B.C. have been linked with human activity as well.

New Fire in Osoyoos

The new wildfire that sparked and is growing in the Osoyoos region is located near Inkaneep Road, it has been described as aggressive and so far the cause of the Osoyoos fire is unknown. As with other fires in B.C. it will need to be investigated.

The Osoyoos wildfire is a rapidly evolving situation and it didn’t take long for there to be a visibly noticeable tunnel of smoke to appear in the sky, which residents have been filming and sharing to social media.

At the request of fire officials there were thousands of residents in the Osoyoos area, as well as Oliver, B.C., that had their power shut off for a period of time. It is reported that roughly 3k customers were impacted and the power was shut off because of the wildfire in the area. They would be restoring that power as soon as it was safe to make that move.

With hundreds of B.C. wildfires burning around the region there are more properties around the province that could face evacuation because of B.C. wildfires.

Travel Warnings Over Wildfires

Those in B.C. have been urged to avoid traveling to those areas that are facing possible evacuation. So far it is unlikely that a state of emergency is going to be called over the wildfires.

The government has also offered advice on what to do if you are under an evacuation order for wildfires in B.C. which include tips like preparing to leave on short notice, taking any necessary medicine and prescriptions, using leashes or carrier devices for pets (don’t forget the food), pack several days of clothing, and other suggestions.


Yesterday it was seen that there was a significant amount of smoke around the southern B.C. interior because of those wildfires and the recent Osoyoos fire that is burning. With these B.C. wildfires it has also fueled warnings over air quality and the potential risks that might be associated with these smoky skies.

The Osoyoos fire threatens a number of properties in the region and hundreds of properties that are located within the Osoyoos Indian Band have already been evacuated over concerns related to the Osoyoos fire. The effects of that fire have been far-reaching as B.C. residents have reported seeing ash falling from the Osoyoos fire as far away as the Penticton region.

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