Delta Variant Cases Fuel Concern For Another Lockdown

Millions of people might not be concerned with the Delta variant but that does not mean that it isn’t a growing problem now in certain areas around the world.

With the recent stock market dive that has been linked to fears of a rise in Delta variant cases, there are growing concerns that many have about how bad things might get over the Delta variant.

According to one recent poll it seems that about half of Americans aren’t that worried about the issue of the Delta variant While others are wondering about the concerns over risks that might come with it.

Moderna has previously stated that their vaccine is effective against the Delta variant because some might be wondering now about delta variant vaccine resistance. Millions of people around Canada, the United States, and other areas have been vaccinated, as more questions will come about over delta variant vaccine resistance as those delta variant cases rise.

The AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccine have also been shown by one study to likely be effective against the Delta variant.


Delta variant Canada

The Delta variant in Canada is already a concern and Canadian officials have recently reminded the public that we are still not over the pandemic yet. As those delta variant cases increase in certain regions more are wondering about delta variant vaccine resistance and this has prompted officials to urge the public to seek out trustworthy sources about the vaccinations and risks etc.

After months of decline now that Delta variant cases are rising again but some communities are still highly resistant to vaccines. In Canada the vaccination rate has been growing steadily and that means that now we see more than 50% of the population has been fully vaccinated.

In the U.S. more than 50% have received at least one dose, which fuels some of those concerns about delta variant vaccine resistance if those Delta variant cases are rising in Canada and elsewhere.


Resuming Covid-19 Restrictions Over Rising Cases

With the Delta variant cases increasing this means we might see a reverse of the reopening plans, as some jurisdictions have already tackled with. Masks might come back, or businesses might close if Delta variant cases and overall demand gets out of control for health services.

The Delta variant is now making up at least one-third of B.C. cases according but not everyone says it is time to worry.

The Delta variant is impacting different regions around North America and with those rising cases in the U.S. now some such as the U.S. surgeon general are more concerned with the potential problem, along with other health experts and government officials.

Growing Delta Variant in Canada

Experts have already indicated that soon we might see the Delta variant cases become the majority in Canada, with the Delta variant moving to take position as the dominant strain of infections.

Health officials are still urging those who are unvaccinated to get vaccinated when possible to try and help prevent a fourth wave or another severe lockdown from coming about if things take a turn. Millions of Canadians around the country have already been fully vaccinated.

While a variety of places might be reopening there is still concern with many for the Delta variant cases and especially what that might mean for the economy too if those fears grow.

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  1. Yes, breakthrough infections are being reported amongst fully vaccinated people. A number of fully vaccinated Olympic athletes are also experiencing breakthrough covid infections, and the CEO for the Japanese Olympics is considering canceling the games due to start this Friday altogether.

    Also, of major concern are the mutations that occur in the unvaccinated population as well. Either way, as the covid spreads amongst vaccinated and unvaccinated populations, it replicates, and as it replicates, the virus mutates.

    There is evidence that the J&J vaccination is only 60% effective against the delta variant. The delta variant is extremely virulent and 1,000 times more contagious than the Wuhan and UK variants, there is preliminary evidence that the delta variant reduces the Pfizer vaccination to 65%, and is probably similar with the Moderna vaccine, also an mRNA vaccine. As the virus continues to spread, more mutations occur, and the variants may likely to become resistant to the available covid vaccinations.

    Therefore, it’s imperative that as many people worldwide as possible become fully vaccinated asap with any vaccine that is available.

    A third booster may be necessary for better immunization against the delta and other subsequent mutations, while researchers develop a vaccination that specifically targets the delta variant and other mutations.as they evolve.

    This covid pandemic is far from over, unfortunately…


  2. Since this all began, the day after the Senate overturned the House’s efforts for impeachment, we knew what was going on, everything after saying the same thing. I found fascinating, but also very troubling, that politicians, the media, and Hollywood, including sports figures, were all (Of course, the one’s who thought for themselves wouldn’t have been included, many standing aside.) speaking the same language. That’s in a great part why we knew something was wrong, and why we never considered getting vaccinated, still researching the topic, reading everything from no real protection, to protection, to yearly boosters, to Delta bypassing, to new restrictions, and this begs a ton of questions, the U.N. and those within having great interests in our behaviors. We discovered they were using RNA techniques (Still new and never before population-wide.), that research was done through aborted tissue, and more importantly, the FDA has not given it’s stamp of approval, requiring more research. And when a friend went to consider a shot, he was given a list of possible side-effects (Some very serious.) and was told he would have to sign a waiver that he would not sue if things went very wrong. Questions, questions, questions. And no absolute certainties. And, in all this, the stats turning out to be regular flu-like.


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