BC SPCA Cut Adoption Fees to Make Shelter Space

Shelters in B.C. are filling up with animals that have been impacted from the wildfires in B.C. or those who have been returned for one reason or another.


The BC SPCA along with other rescue operations have been working hard to provide those emergency animal services to the animals around B.C. who are in need of help. They need help from the community too in order to make sure the operation runs smoothly and the foster volunteers and those who adopt pets are vital to the work that the BC SPCA does.

Without those adoption families and foster volunteers there would be many more animals in need of a home.

If you have been thinking about getting a pet then now might be the perfect time to look at what animals are looking for their forever home at the moment. Not only would it offer that forever home but it also helps to free up space for other animals in B.C. that also require the space and emergency services.

BC SPCA Offers Half Price Adoption Deal

The BC SPCA has decided to cut the price of adoption in half to try and incentivize more people to consider adoption right now. There are many animals who need it. You can browse the BC SPCA website and see what animals they currently have up for adoption.

If you are unable to adopt or foster there is also the opportunity to give financial support to those animals in need as well. Donations can be made to the BC SPCA and other organizations around the province that are working to rescue cats and other animals in need.

Find a pet to adopt in B.C.

The BC SPCA is a fantastic organization to check in with in the province that helps to connect people who are looking to adopt or foster animals. There are a number of cats and dogs that are listed with the BC SPCA right now who are looking for their forever home, located all over the province.

Helping those animals in need also means helping the organization itself.


As fires burn across the province right now the BC SPCA has started to roll out its own emergency response plans that are designed to help pet guardians and the animals in B.C. who are impacted by fires.

This is a chance to get a deal on finding a furry pet and offering them a forever home now that BC SPCA has this half price adoption deal so that more space can be created for animals who need the help and safe space.

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