Update on Canadian Border Restrictions Expected Today

Canadian federal ministers are expected to be holding a news conference later today that will announce the plans for the Canadian border reopening for this year.


It is anticipated that the border restrictions are slowly going to be eased for full travel to resume. How or when that might happen has not been made clear yet.

Trudeau has indicated that the pandemic is not over yet for Canadians but it has been made clear that lawmakers are working toward some sort of border resolution.

Many wonder when the Canadian border will reopen and the answer is that those restrictions might be eased soon. Details on that Canadian border reopening are going to be coming soon as the conference is going to be held at 1:30pm EST to announce those updates for border travel.

It has been recently reported that fully vaccinated Americans might start to be able to resume non-essential travel by August and that this fall further restrictions at the border might be eased for travelers from other countries.

Already we have seen some easing of those border restrictions in Canada and it is expected that more is going to be coming soon. The updates that are expected to be released about the border reopening for Canada and the United States have been long awaited with the border now being closed for more than 1 year to non-essential travel.


B.C. is already well underway with the reopening roadmap and that has meant that in recent months COVID-19 related pandemic restrictions have been eased. With the B.C. reopening this year we have seen more businesses open up like movie theaters, as well as restrictions surrounding indoor dining being lifted and more.

The Canadian border reopening has been something that individuals, friends, families, and couples, have been waiting for now for over months. Along the way this has meant that some of those families and others have had to get creative with their attempts to try and reconnect with one another.

Millions of Americans travel to Canada each year and a number of businesses and communities rely heavily on that tourism activity.

Along with those Canada border announcements coming today we are also going to see cruise ships coming back to Canada this fall as well, now that those restrictions on the cruise industry have been updated to ease off earlier than expected for Canada.

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