Over 300 Wildfires Burning Around B.C. Right Now

There are more than 300 active wildfires burning in the province of British Columbia right now.


In the last 2 days more than 10 new fires in B.C. have started. Wildfire emergency crews are working to get control of those wildfires and there are several areas that remain on high alert and ready to face evacuation.

Already from the wildfires this season we have seen them completely destroy communities like Lytton, B.C. and because of the problem there are thousands more who could be evacuated around B.C.

Crews around the province are facing an extended fire season and have been working hard around the province to address the many fires that continue to burn. A number of firefighters have arrived from other countries in Canada now too, in an effort to help battle the B.C. wildfires that continue to burn around the province.

BC Camping Ban In Effect

Just recently the campfire ban in B.C. went into effect which meant that campfires would be banned everywhere in the province. The campfire ban in B.C. came into effect on June 30 2021 and is expected to last until Oct 15 2021.

This year is expected to be a record breaking year for BC Parks and a number of travelers have planned and booked camping trips this summer. Right now the province is moving forward with reopening plans and is already well underway with easing those COVID-19 restrictions around the province.

As far as the reopening goes, the Canadian border is expected to be opening soon to fully vaccinated American travelers and it might be later this fall that we see more changes on other travelers being allowed to resume non-essential travel to Canada just the same.

More details on the Canada border reopening this year are expected to come soon.

This is one question that many have been asking which is when will the Canada border reopen like normal. Not just for vaccinated but when will the border also be open for non-vaccinated to engage in non-essential travel just as well without having to quarantine. Answers to these questions might be coming soon.

In the meantime, across Canada various provinces are easing their own COVID-19 restrictions and moving forward with reopening plans. The hundreds of wildfires are a concern right now for many who live in those affected areas but also for travelers who might have thought about planning a visit to those areas.


Almost 70% of those fires in BC have been Sparked By Lightning

It is believed that more than half of those wildfires in B.C., around 68.2%, have been sparked by lightning. While lightning has been blamed for a number of fires to date, the province of B.C. has also blamed hundreds of wildfires in the province on human activities too.

It is believed that lightning was responsible for a majority of the wildfires in B.C. this season.

The wildfires are having an impact on the province in multiple ways. They have meant a number of British Columbians have been evacuated, thousands still could face that situation. It has also meant that many have lost everything in the fires, like those residents in Lytton, B.C. , there has been a heavy and emotional toll that the fires have had on individuals and communities around the province this year.

Helping Those Impacted by Wildfires in B.C.

There are a number of funds and organizations that have sprung into action to address the need of evacuees from those wildfires. And some of those accommodations are already filling up as we see more evacuations around the province.

The wildfires around B.C. have impacted the animal community too. For the BC SPCA they have also sought to cut their adoption fees to free up some shelter space for the animals in need. Around the province the BC SPCA and other rescue organizations have been doing vital work to provide care and emergency services to those animals in B.C. impacted by the wildfires.

The emergency crews in B.C. have continued to fight hundreds of wildfires around the area but the problem has been placing a significant strain on those valuable B.C. firefighting resources.

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  1. Citizens need to think beyond what they want to do as individuals and think both in terms of their country and the world. We cannot afford any human caused fires, accidental or otherwise.


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