Canadian Border Restrictions Being Eased Slowly

The Canadian border has been restricted for more than one year because of COVID-19 and now that those numbers are trending down, with vaccination rates climbing, things are starting to reopen. This means that the Canadian border opening soon is a possibility.


Just recently it was announced that the Canadian border might be reopening to fully vaccinated Americans soon and the rest of fully vaccinated travelers from other countries possibly later on around September. Slowly those Canadian border restrictions are being eased.

Since the Canadian border has been closed for non-essential travel over those past 16+ months, the closure has been keeping families apart and driving sales down for a large number of businesses on either side. While we wait for the Canadian border reopening there are towns like Blaine in Washington and Point Roberts that have been heavily impacted by the border closing.

The wait on the Canadian border reopening has been more than one year now and the long closure has prompted both lawmakers and the public to start asking when the border will reopen for non-essential travel once again.

90% of Canadians live within a one hour drive of the United States border.


Many of them are used to driving down to areas like Washington to go shopping, do a little exploring, or fill up on cheap gas. But things changed dramatically after the pandemic and families, couples, friends, have all been separated for quite some time now with the border closure. When will the Canadian border reopen? that is the question many are asking.

Canadian Border Slowly Reopening in 2021

The Canadian border is slowly going to reopen to fully vaccinated Americans and by fall we could see changes for more non-essential travel and the Canadian border reopening as well. The U.S. – Canada border is the most travelled border for Canadians and many are ready to get back to reopening and traveling down south once again.

A recent survey suggested that millions of Canadians are looking at planning a vacation this summer, with many who plan on driving to their destination. Once the border reopens for non-essential travel that is going to bring more options for those who are planning to go somewhere.

Businesses around Canada and the United states that depend heavily on tourism will finally be able to see those flows of tourists coming in once more like usual.

Cruise ships are also coming back early to Canadian waters, as there has been a growing amount of pressure from lawmakers and industry professionals who are eager to see the cruise industry in Canada resume. They do not want to see Canada bypassed by U.S. ships because cruise ships are banned still. The change in allowing cruise ships means we will see them be allowed back this fall.


Plans are now reportedly underway to move forward with that Canadian border reopening and to eventually ease those restrictions fully and get back to normal travel once more. What that might look like though as far as vaccination verification etc isn’t clear yet. There is great incentive economically to get the Canadian border open again and ease those border restrictions as soon as possible now that COVID-19 cases have gone down and vaccination rates continue to increase.

Though Canadian officials have insisted that the pandemic still isn’t over yet, they have confirmed that they are working toward that border reopening. Both Canadian and U.S. officials have suggested that we can expect that U.S. and Canada cross-border travel to resume and get back to normal again soon.

A border announcement is expected to be coming soon and that border announcement should provide more details on the Canada border reopening and when we might see fully non-essential travel resume once more for all travelers.

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