Canada Border Reopens August 9 2021 for Vaccinated Americans

The Canadian border is going to reopen to fully vaccinated U.S. citizens as well as permanent residents on August 9 2021. Starting on that date there will be changes so that fully vaccinated citizens and permanent residents of the United States who are currently residing in the US will be finally permitted after one year to enter Canada.


The announcement of the Canada border reopening date is long awaited after more than one year businesses, families, and individuals have been wondering when the Canada border will reopen.

The tourism that comes with it brings a significant amount of support to businesses around the region and many have been waiting for the Canada – U.S. border to open again and resume full travel like usual.

Those changes are going to be slow in having travel resume for all vaccinated and non-vaccinated travelers, as it has been made clear that there will be no rush to easing those border restrictions.

The non-essential travel to Canada has been manned since March of last year and though the pandemic is still a concern for Canadians officials have recently reminded them, they are working for that Canada border reopening.

Entry to Canada on Aug 9 2021 for non-essential travel is going to be prohibited still for all foreign travelers who are not fully vaccinated.

Travelers coming to Canada are expected to provide proof of being vaccinated among meeting other requirements and screening procedures.

All fully vaccinated American citizens or those who are American permanent residents must have received the full series of a vaccine — or combination of vaccines — that are accepted by the Canadian government. The vaccines also reportedly must have been received at least 14 days prior to entering Canada.

What are those vaccines? The vaccines are manufactured by Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson.

The Canada border reopening might be coming soon for fully vaccinated but those who haven’t been vaccinated yet are still going to have to wait to resume normal travel once more. Around Canada there are different reopening plans underway as provinces move forward with reopening businesses and allowing more normal activity to resume once more by easing those COVID-19 related restrictions.


Canada – U.S. Border Reopening

The Canada-U.S. border opening has been going on for more than one year and that has brought significant impact to border towns like Point Roberts and Blaine. These regions have had a noticeable decline in sales and tourism as have other businesses and communities around Canada this summer and throughout the pandemic.

Canada Border Changes Coming: Aug 9 and Sept 7 2021

The Canada border reopening for the rest of travelers aside from those fully vaccinated Americans is something that could happy as early as this fall. The easing of those Canada border restrictions for foreign travelers could come by Sept 7 2021.

Vaccination rates have been climbing around the country and COVID-19 cases have been declining, slowly we are seeing the 2021 reopening but there are restrictions on travel still remain. The Canada-U.S. border has been closed for more than one year now and lawmakers have been working to plan for that reopening and recently announced plans for that move.

Fully vaccinated tourists will can expected to start to see those border and travel restrictions ease in August for Americans and then later on to some extent for others coming into the country.

Canada is still encouraging people to get vaccinated and it isn’t clear when travel might go back to normal as we experienced pre-pandemic, for those who aren’t vaccinated, or without any quarantine measures or negative COVID-19 tests.

There is the concern from some that with the travel procedures that remain in place now for fully vaccinated travelers that this might potentially discourage shorter visits and some tourism because of the congestion at the border and other issues surrounding vaccination.

Canada Border Reopening Plan 2021

How comfortable are Canadians with reopening the border? It looks like from one recent survey that roughly 22% say the government is taking too much time on the issue while 69% want to wait to allow U.S. visitors. Around the country about 38% said they would want to see more than three quarters of the population become fully vaccinated before the Canada border reopening.

As of today more than 50% of the total population has been fully vaccinated.

With the climbing vaccination rates in Canada the country has managed to surpass the U.S. for the rate of fully vaccinated residents.

The issue of the Canada border reopening is a hot one with many asking when we might expect to see things return to normal once more. Just recently the PM noted that they are seeing COVID-19 cases around the country still, that the pandemic isn’t over, and they want to see them go down before more easing of those restrictions.

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