Orthodox Church Has Been Destroyed By Fire in Surrey

Just recently an Orthodox Church in Surrey, B.C. has been destroyed by fire. This is one more in a string of churches around the country and the province that have been burned recently.


It was in the Whalley community of Surrey that the church was destroyed by fire and emergency responders attended the fire on Monday. It is reported that the fire broke out around 3:30 in the morning at the church.

The church that burned down in Surrey was the The St. George Coptic Orthodox Church and the church has now been destroyed completely by fire.

The cause of that fire on the church in Surrey is now under investigation. Despite the efforts of the crews to respond to the fire it is confirmed that the St. George Coptic Orthodox Church has now been completely lost because of that fire in Surrey.

The roof of the church has now collapsed because of the fire and overall the venue has been destroyed.

The fire that burned the Orthodox church in Surrey reportedly didn’t impact or spread to any other properties in the region. Several tweets about the fire had been posted to social media once people started to notice the smoke, orange sky, and emergency crews showing up.

For other churches that have also been burned in B.C. and other Canadian provinces they too are being investigated to see what might have started one or the other.

It has been reported that this Orthodox Surrey church had been a victim of an arson attempt just recently and now investigators are reportedly looking for a suspect over that incident.

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