New Poll Shows 49% of Canadians Planning To Travel This Summer For Vacation

A new poll by Narrative Research has come out and indicated that about 49 per cent of Canadians are planning to travel somewhere this summer for a vacation.


For those who are looking to go on a vacation there are many who are planning to drive to their destination.

In the U.S. we have already seen a bit of a travel boom since Memorial day weekend, with millions more getting comfortable with travel once more. The vaccination rate in B.C. and around Canada has been increasing and with millions who now have had their 2nd dose they are ready to plan a trip once more and get back to engaging in business as usual.

4 in 10 likely driving this summer

The survey showed that at least 49% of Canadians are planning to travel this summer and roughly 4 in 10 will plan a driving vacation likely to another province. At least 24% indicated that they are planning to travel to the United States.

The travel plans are going to vary by province because different regions are underway with their own reopening plans.

In British Columbia the province is already well underway with the 2021 reopening plans. This means that more businesses have been reopening like casinos and movie theaters, and indoor dining has resumed once more. You also might not see as many face masks when you go to the grocery store any longer as they are no longer mandated like they once were. Overall, in B.C. and around Canada things have been reopening this year increasingly.


Cruises Coming Back And Border Reopening

Cruises in Canada are expected to resume this year and this is an update from the plans that would have had those cruises banned until next year from coming through. Since the cruise industry is already up and running around the U.S. though and had considered bypassing Canada altogether on their routes this has fueled a change in cruise plans.

Not only are the cruises going to be coming back early but the border might soon open for international travel that isn’t non-essential once again as well. We might see that Canada border reopening to non-essential travel for vaccinated Americans and then eventually for fully vaccinated travelers from all countries being able to come for non-essential travel by as early as September 2021.


Hotels have already been seeing a lot of business this summer already from those who have taken vacations. Overall it is expected to be a busy season. As far as who is more likely to be going on a vacation this summer, according to that recent survey it looks like Millennials are more likely than Boomers this summer to be planning to go on any trip.

It is expected that summer travel for 2021 is going to be record breaking and on average that individuals might spend around $2,000 or more on a vacation they take over the next few weeks.

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