Health Experts Issue Warning Over Smoke Risk in B.C.

A number of regions around B.C. are facing smoky skies because of wildfires that are ongoing. At one point recently there were hundreds of fires burning around the province and this means that a variety of communities are on alert to possibly evacuate on short notice.

Health experts warn that there is risks associated with the smoke-ridden skies and they are cautioning people to take steps that might be able to help. Those health experts suggest things like air filters to AC units and making sure individuals have enough medication to endure any associated risks with the air quality in the region.

In recent weeks there has been an air quality advisory for the Metro Vancouver region and the central Fraser Valley, as a number of regions around the province fight wildfires. Because of the busy season they have been having with those fires the province has already brought in out of town firefighters to help with the problem.

The BC SPCA and other rescue organizations have also been at work helping those animals around the province in need who have been impacted by the fires as well.

The heat wave and wildfires have created plenty of concern with health experts around the province and along the West Coast for the air quality issues that might come about. The wildfire smoke in some regions of the province have already fueled some air quality concerns.

It has been reported that they are seeing an increase each day which can be attributed to dramatic drought conditions in the province that we have seen this year. What they have been facing around the province is in advance of what they might normally see for this time of year.

Already, we have seen severe devastation including areas like Lytton which had a significant portion of the community burn to the ground and people forced to evacuate. That fire has also been somewhat of a wakeup call for railway safety as well. The wildfires burning in the province have already had some impact on the supply chain here.

Around areas in Canada, as well as in the United States, health officials have been warning people about the dangers that could be associated with those hazy and smoky skies. They are busy monitoring the situation and health experts have suggested that those with underlying health conditions might be more at risk than others.

Smoke is now becoming the biggest issue for firefighters and residents in the province. However, recently Canadian officials downgraded those air quality alerts and suggested it is likely going to be worse closer to the wildfires directly. Some communities are going to be more impacted than others, with the smoke being more highly visible.

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