Cruise Ships Coming Back to Canada This Fall

Cruise ships have returned to operation already in the United States and they had been waiting on Canada to end the cruise ban and allow the cruise ships to come through once again. Now Canada will be moving up that deadline and the cruises will be coming back this fall rather than next year.

Canada has changed the plans to bring cruise ships back next year and it looks now like the ban on cruises will be cut short with cruise ships coming back to Canada starting Nov. 1

Cruises are seeing high demand right now as people get back into the comfortable familiarity of vacationing this summer and planning a trip here or there.

The cruise ships that come through the Vancouver region are significant to the economy here and play a big role in the success of many small business in the region. The cruise ships are back already but it is still going to be some time yet before they are back in Canada.


What is cruising in 2021 like?

Right now the vaccination requirements for cruises are also going to vary from cruise to cruise. So one cruise lines vaccination requirement for cruises might be completely different from the next. There is the potential for cruise lines to come up with unvaccinated zones on the ship, wristband identification for vaccinated guests, or a variety of methods to identify who might be vaccinated or not. Vaccination cards might also be seen and required as they have been for travel in other areas.

Changes to cruises post covid-19

There are going to be some changes that you might see on the cruise ships now for areas like food and one of them is that the buffets are going to look a little updated perhaps. This means no more self-serve at the cruise ship buffets and there might also be reduced dining room numbers for some time. More cleaning protocols might also be in place now post pandemic.

Demand is there for cruises still

From the United States to Canada and around the world we see places reopening. B.C. is already well underway with that reopening plan for 2021. This means that cruise ships are coming back soon, the border is expected to reopen soon, and things are getting back to normal.

People are once again now venturing out without masks more, getting more comfortable again going to movies, they are heading back to work, and planning trips on cruises.

Cruise ship lines suffered greatly through the pandemic and now they are coming back strong and seeing plenty of guests already who are comfortable with booking a travel arrangement. This time around they might be looking for more flexibility in those cancellation policies though.

Overall, cruise trips are coming back and people are booking tickets but the full recovery might till be slow and take some time.


Cruise ships have been gone for some time and small businesses in the region have felt the impact of that and are still feeling it today. Those that cater to local hotels and cafes etc, are going to be seeing the decline because of the lack of tourism that is coming through.

With cruise ships in Canada still not coming through as usual and the border closed to non-essential travel like it has been this has kept many tourists out and kept that support from coming to the local economy.

The happy news though is that things are about to change. Cruise ships are coming back to Canada, passing through ports like that in Vancouver, and the border is soon likely going to be reopened once again. B.C. is underway with the reopening plans and this means an increasing number of covid-19 related restrictions have been lifted.

Canada to allow return of cruise ships back in November

But even though they are coming back they will still be required to comply with public health requirements which are reportedly yet to be finalized.

This is a multi-billion dollar industry and the impact it has on the Canadian economy is significant. The change in updating cruise ships in Canada to start coming back this year means that economic support will be coming back again into Canadian communities and businesses.

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