Pizza Pizza Cauliflower Bites

Pizza Pizza has embraced the cauliflower bite trend and added cauliflower bites as a side on the menu including their cauliflower bites that come in either the single or double size.

The cauliflower bites from Pizza Pizza start at $5.99 and the single serves 2 people (1 if you’re really hungry). Pizza Pizza is one of the biggest pizza chains in Canada and there are a variety of locations to find around B.C. and the Metro Vancouver region. You can also easily order for takeout or delivery using third party delivery apps today like Skip The Dishes.

Pizza Pizza has a wide assortment of innovative food products like their keto crust and keto pizza menu options, the cauliflower bites, jalapeno poppers, deep fried pickles. And with the cauliflower bites you can also get them sauced and the sauced cauliflower bites start from $5.99 for the single portion and $9.99 for the double.

Choose sauced options

Sauce options for the cauliflower bites include buffalo, honey garlic, hot sauce, and sweet chili.

Pizza Pizza is always bringing something new to the table, they’ve got great pizza deals and exciting new products. The superfood crust, the Wing It Box, Charcuterie gourmet thin pizza, and other tasty options. This is one of the best pizza places in B.C. to check out when you get hungry because of the great variety here.

In the last several years it seems that buffalo cauliflower bites have made their way onto the menus of almost every restaurant. It is one of the most popular appetizer options today and it is great to see it on the Pizza Pizza menu as well. The cauliflower bites go great with the other pizza options, like the keto pizza and more.

Pizza Pizza offers chicken, salad, sweets, and everything you need for the perfect pizza night. If you have not tried the cauliflower bites yet then I suggest ordering a side of them on your next order, the sauced buffalo cauliflower bites taste great with the ranch dip.

They also have a brand new offer with the popcorn chicken on the menu at Pizza Pizza as well. The popcorn chicken is made from lightly seasoned, bite-size pieces that are made with Canadian farm raised chicken. But the menu item that you do not want to miss trying is the cauliflower bites, and the sauced cauliflower bites at that. This is a great snack if you want a vegetable dish for dinner, lunch, or just a side dish for movie night.

The cauliflower bites are a great side for the pizza and I would pair it with one of the keto pizzas from Pizza Pizza because these are new and delicious. They have the KETO PROTEIN LOVERS, KETO PESTO MARGHERITA, and KETO PEPPERONI PIZZA. Pizza Pizza also offers some cauliflower crust or their gluten free variety.

Everything for the perfect pizza night!

The sauced cauliflower bites had the perfect amount of sauced, with each piece that was fully drenched. They paired great with the ranch dip, they were hot, and tasted great. You get a decent portion of cauliflower in each one, it’s not just a bite of batter without much vegetable. The cauliflower bites from Pizza Pizza are a solid side dish to go with that I would order again.

Sauced Cauliflower Bites from Pizza Pizza

These pictured above are the buffalo cauliflower sauced bites from Pizza Pizza. As you can see there is a decent amount of sauce and you get a good portion of bites as well with the serving. The single serving says it is enough for 2 people but if you are hungry then you could probably easily finish it on your own. Or eat half and put half away for later for a late night snack.

Pizza Pizza has many locations to find around B.C. and makes it even easier to order by being able to find them on delivery apps like Skip The Dishes too. Get cauliflower bites, keto pizza, brownie bites, they have everything for the perfect pizza night.

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