FREE Summer Pancake Cereal Sundae Across Canada

There is an ice cream treat going viral on TikTok and now being posted on other social media platforms too and that is the Mini Pancake Cereal ice cream that is being served at select locations around the country.

This is a chance for people to go out and get a free cereal pancake ice cream sundae from different stores in B.C. and other provinces. Want to cool off with something sweet? This is a chance to get a free delicious pancake sundae at participating locations.

Where In Canada Can You Get the TikTok Pancake Cereal Ice Cream?

  • TORONTO: Butter Baker, Dutch Dreams, and La Diperie
  • CALGARY: Dellor Ice Cream
  • VANCOUVER: Mister Artisan Ice Cream and Welcome Parlour.

What is the pancake cereal sundae? This is a delicious innovative sundae that features mini pancakes on the ice cream sundae and it is being given away for free to a certain number of visitors that come to these participating locations.

Free Canada Pancake Sundae Giveaway

Across Canada on July 16 to 18th, and 23rd to 25th you can find the opportunity around Canada to get this pancake sundae treat at different ice cream venues in the country.

Vancouver locations serving tiktok pancake sundae

Mister Artisan Ice Cream – see their Instagram post about the event below! And give them a follow for more sweet content.

Welcome Parlour – see their post on Instagram about the event below.

If you want to get the chance to get the tiktok mini pancake cereal in Vancouver then visit these locations while they are participating before they sell out and have none left to offer.

At Vancouver locations they have already seen great support for this event and this food item, you will want to get there early on the last remaining days if you want this free mini pancake ice cream in Vancouver at those locations.

At the Welcome Parlour in Vancouver they have posted on their social media saying that they will be offering those mini pancake sundaes on the participating day until they are sold out.

These are quality ice cream shops to check out in Vancouver when you want to find a sweet treat. At Welcome Parlour you can find fresh hand crafted small batch ice cream coming in flavors like rocky road, organic strawberry, vanilla, and more. Mister Artisan Ice Cream is quality ice cream that gets made from scratch in-house by using pure and high quality natural ingredients. For some of the best ice cream in Vancouver both locations are great to visit.

Not that long ago TikTok Canada asked the crowd what food trend might make the best sundae and they answered and it looks like the pancake cereal is the winner.

People all around Canada have been showing their tiktok_canada account to get their free pancake cereal ice cream sundae. This looks to be one recipe that is so delicious (and popular) they might want to add it to the menu for good.

If you still want to get the chance to try it then visit one of those locations above that are participating in the TikTok pancake sundae event. There are several Canadian locations to find the TikTok pancake cereal sundae.

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