Canadian Border Expected to Reopen Next Month

The Canadian border is expected to be reopening next month for non-essential travel for vaccinated Americans. We might also see the possibility of fully vaccinated travelers from all countries being able to come for non-essential travel by as early as September after that.

The changes are long awaited as the border has been closed for more than one year now to non-essential travelers.

This border closure has been devastating for border towns like Blaine and other regions that depend highly on tourism that they see for the small businesses there like restaurants and hotels.

With some of the border changes happening recently it has caused a bit of confusion as to who can travel and whether or not there are any quarantine issues still with traveling across the border.

The US-Canadian border is expected to be moving forward now with this reopening and that will be the first in 16 months for the Canadian-US border. The changes come after Canada has seen at least 80 percent of the population get vaccinated with at least one dose so far of the COVID shots that are available.

Fully vaccinated Americans might start to be allowed into Canada as of mid-August for non-essential travel.

This is good news for all of those businesses like hotels, cafes, restaurants, tourism services, and others, that are depending on seeing those crowds coming in. So far this summer it has been a noticeable decline for areas that are used to seeing a lot of foreign travelers coming in. But this could change soon.


The news that the border could be reopening soon is being highly celebrated by many in Canada and the United States who are ready to see things return to normal.

We are already well into summer and slowly B.C. has been moving forward with its own reopening plans. This has meant more freedom for travel, activities like dining indoors, and more. Casinos are reopening, movie theaters around the province, and we are seeing a return to normal once more. Even mask mandates have changed and in many cases you aren’t seeing people wearing them as much as they used to. Some businesses might still mandate them though.

B.C. is well underway with the 2021 reopening.

There are many families and individuals who have not seen their loved ones, friends, or families etc, since the border has been closed. This has had a significant impact on many. Not only that but businesses have also struggled to make it through the pandemic as well. Many small businesses did not make it and there are many more still suffering today who might still need quite a bit of time before they recover the pain that they endured through the pandemic.

The news of the possible changes for the Canadian border to open in August comes after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s call with premiers recently. It’s reported that officials had expressed their support for this move and the possibility of reopening plans. Many people want to see the border reopen again and to see cruise ships come back once more. We will get there soon.

Cruise Ships Coming Back to Canada

There were plans to keep the cruise ships out until at least next year but now things are changing earlier than anticipated. Canada already has changes to allow those cruise ships to start coming in back by November of this year.

With the United States cruise market already well underway they had been considering making changes like bypassing Canadian ports because of the ban on ships here, this prompted many in the industry to be concerned for those changes and work to get things back on track as soon as possible.

Each cruise ship that comes into the Vancouver area can bring millions to the local economy and that is detrimental to the small businesses in the region that depend on that tourism for survival. The cruise ship ban is going to be lifted months sooner than it had been planned to be ended and that has got to be good news for those within the industry, travelers looking to vacation, and businesses that will see more sales now because of the change.

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  1. We are fully vaccinated seniors and would like to travel in a small motor home from Washington State to Alaska were we lived for 25 years, how can we get clearance so we could leave by the 1st of August, there would be minimal contact with the public, only to stop for fuel and sleeping the the state parks and keeping our distance for all other people. We are familiar with the Alaska Highway, this would be our 15th trip and probably our last, it is very important to us to make this trip. Thanking you in advance for your help. Margy Woolridge and Francis Woolridge. We would be celebrating our 52 years of marriage. We are both in excellent health.


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