British Columbians Now Have More Options For Cannabis Delivery

The price of cannabis in British Columbia is getting cheaper and the options for products are growing too. The cannabis market in Vancouver and around B.C. is maturing and that means better options and higher quality for consumers. Just recently, B.C. decided to finalize and make the move to greenlight cannabis delivery in the province for all retailers and that starts this month.

Thanks to those changes in B.C. it is now reportedly going to be making it legal for delivery cannabis services for all retailers and some legal pot shops are already responding with excitement. This means we will be seeing even licensed non-medical cannabis sellers start to engage in delivery services for cannabis. With the reported change in policy it is expected that it will enable customers that might be living in some regions of B.C. that do not allow dispensaries yet to be able to access a supply and place an order for cannabis delivery.

New Changes to Cannabis Delivery in B.C.

Under the new cannabis changes in B.C. it means that pot providers are going to be the ones who deliver their product themselves, they are not going to be able to send it by courier or through the mail for example.

Overall it should enable those cannabis companies to reach a larger area and enable exchanges with more Canadians who are looking for those products whether they be cannabis flower, CBD edibles, or other items.

Not only will the launch of cannabis delivery bring new opportunity but it is going to come with some challenges as well. Right now with this change B.C. is the first significant market in the country to allow this sort of service. The number of privately owned cannabis stores in B.C. has also continued to grow over the past year with dozens more coming into the market around the province.


Cannabis Delivery Set To Compete With Black Market

One thing that some hope is that the change is going to remove some of that activity from the illicit market by making it easier for Canadians to access this sort of cannabis delivery service for themselves. Previously, we saw that it had been only the government-run BC Cannabis Stores doing this service with home delivery but now things have evolved.

In British Columbia they have been working to establish a diverse cannabis industry and it has been shaping up that way with the increase in product offerings and decrease in cost for goods that consumers are seeing on the shelves and online etc. There is recreational cannabis in Canada but there are still medicinal users who use cannabis too, the benefits from a strong and diverse cannabis market impact millions who exchange within it.

Right now companies in the province are already busy doing their cannabis deliveries and have indicated that they are excited with the changes. It is a chance for more customers to go through a different avenue for them to have access to receive cannabis products and other accessories that might be sold from those retailers.

With this change it will mean you can find cannabis delivery in Nanaimo, Victoria, and other regions coming soon if they have not started already.

The recreational cannabis market hasn’t been here that long officially yet but it is already growing in significant ways around the province and Canada. This means more cannabis dispensaries have sprung up in B.C., cannabis products, cannabis related services are increasingly coming to market, and more diverse cost options.

Who knows what the market might look like in another 5 or 10 years considering this is how much progress has been made so far. British Columbians buy millions of dollars in cannabis products from dispensaries around the province each year.

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