BC Cats In Need of Adoption Right Now

One cat rescue that is located in Mission, British Columbia, has recently had to reportedly close the doors because of the high demand they are seeing right now of cats in need.

They are overwhelmed with the amount of cats that are coming into the rescue in Mission, they have urged anyone who has considered in making the move to foster a cat to possibly think about making now the time to look around at doing it.

There are many cats in need of a good home whether that means fostering one or adopting one to offer it a forever home, cats all around BC have been dropped at rescues as people head back to work after the pandemic. There are multiple ways to help cats in B.C. and adoption is one of those ways that makes a big impact.

Some people are going back to work now and will no longer be at home to care for their pets they might have adopted last year. Or, they could be travelling for an extended period of time etc, whatever the reason, there are many cats who need help and who have been dropped off or found their way to rescues.

Cat Therapy and Rescue Society in Mission, B.C

Hundreds of those cats in B.C. that need homes are being cared for at the Cat Therapy and Rescue Society in Mission, B.C. The Cat Therapy and Rescue Society in Mission is a rescue venue that has a capacity for 300 cats and they have had to shuffle even more cats to foster homes because there are many that are coming in who need a home and need the proper care and help given to them.


If you cannot take on in yourself there are also options of adopting kennel spaces with the SPCA and giving to those rescue missions that are helping cats, like the Cat Therapy and Rescue Society in Mission, B.C. Now is the time to help cats in B.C. who need adoption, and other animals affected by wildfires etc, through the BC SPCA and other animal-centered organizations that are doing the hard work to help.

Multiple Ways to Help

There is more than one way to get involved and try to help one or more cats and other animals that might need help or a home at this time. With wildfires burning around the province this has also caused some animals to be rescued by the SPCA too and it might be giving money or giving a home space to a cat, you can find more than one way to help.

Where To Adopt Cats in BC

For anyone around B.C. that might be looking for a cat right now and have room for a new pet, this rescue in Mission is just one place to look that has cats available. The BC SPCA is another area to look for cats that are up for adoption.

You can find ways to financially offer support as well, for medical care or kennel and play space for cats and dogs that are with the BC SPCA also. This is a great way to support many more animals in the community without having to take them in because a number of people are restricted currently from having pets where they live.

For those cats who do not end up finding help or a home they could end up becoming injured, abused, or killed, and there is a great demand right now in B.C. with cats that are looking for their forever home.

Since things have been reopening not just in Canada but other areas too this has been an ongoing trend it seems of people who have been returning their cats and pets to shelters, or abandoning them in other places. This is increasing the need for cat foster volunteers and forever home adoptions who are willing to help.


Why are people abandoning their pets?

It’s likely that some didn’t put enough thought into the long-term commitment that it would take to look after those pets that they adopted at the beginning of the pandemic. Maybe they thought they would be working from home for good but now that things have changed they need to make other arrangements? There are a variety of reasons why one animal might end up being unwanted and returned.

For animal lovers around the U.S. and Canada it has been hard to see the multiple stories coming out lately of those animals being abandoned in a variety of places.

In B.C. there are a number of animals that need help too because of the wildfires right now and some of them have even been returned to their owners after they had evacuated. The BC SPCA is a great organization that works to give that help to those animals who are in need around the province. This is an organization that has been working for years to offer that emergency hand to help and care for the different animals who are in trouble or being abused in the province.

There are other shelters around B.C. as well who have also been doing meaningful work to help rescue cats and other pets that need it and to offer them a safe and peaceful place. Right now there are multiple ways to help cats in BC that need adoption. One of those ways to help is to sign up to foster pets, or you could adopt one or more of those pets in need. Another way to help would be to also choose to give financial donations to help animals who need care or shelter as well around the province.

For anyone that wants to help cats that need adoption in BC these are just some of the ways to do it.


Foster A Cat

Looking to foster a cat right now? That rescue above in Mission has a Foster Parent Application that you can fill out if you are interested in offering a forever home to one of the animals there.

BC SPCA Cat Adoption and Foster Opportunities

Through the BC SPCA website you can also find tools that allow you to search for cats that are up for adoption right now too. On their website there are a variety of cats that are currently listed who are looking for homes. They are also recruiting foster volunteers around the province. For that mission to recruit new foster volunteers they mention on their site that they are looking at finding pet foster volunteers around areas like Vancouver Island, Okanagan/Kootenay Region, as well as in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley, and the Northern B.C. region.

How do you foster a cat?

Fostering a cat is a great way to offer help to those cats in B.C. that need help right now and are in transition to finding their forever home. You might not be able to make a full-time permanent commitment but there are also other ways to help by offering a temporary shelter to those cats who are in need. Fostering a cat is as easy as contacting the BC SPCA or another organization that is looking for foster volunteers, filling out any required paperwork or answering any required questions and going through any vetting process before being paired with the animal in need.

What does a foster volunteer do for the cat? The foster volunteer home is going to be an environment that helps to prepare the animals for their forever home adoption. The foster home for the cat is going to give that cat a chance to live in a safe environment where they feel they can fully express themselves and work to overcome any difficulties or fears from trauma. The foster volunteers help to strengthen the services that the BC SPCA is able to provide for animals around the province.

Foster volunteers are needed for those cats who still need a home in B.C. today. But there is more than fostering as a way to help, you could also adopt a cat, financially support a cat or dog etc, or give a donation to an organization that is helping to rescue and offer those emergency services to cats in need around the province. No donation made to help a cat, dog, or animal in need in the province is going to be a donation that is too small to help. Every donation matters and goes toward helping those animals in B.C. who need it.

Offering to adopt, foster volunteer, or make a money donation, are moves that can go on to protect and enhance the quality of life animals in BC.

Adopt a cat in BC if you can but don’t forget to consider there are other ways to help too aside from the adopt a cat option, because not everyone can adopt a cat in BC at this time. If you are also looking for other ways to help cats in BC then consider those mentioned above.

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