Where To Go Golfing In Whistler

There are several reasons to go golfing in Whistler and that just leads you to answer the question then as to where you are going to go golfing in Whistler when the time comes. There is one easy answer that comes to mind to answer that question and that is the Whistler Golf Club.

When you go golfing in Whistler you are going to find:


You can find group packages for golfing at Whistler Golf Club, as well as other golfing bundles. This is truly one of the most stunning places to plan a golf trip and enjoy a little staycation or vacation.

In Whistler you’ve got many quality hotels in the area to choose from if you want to plan a vacation that has more than just golf to it as well.


The Whistler Golf Club course is walk-able, along with the incredible views, and overall it’s a fun and playable time for family and friends.

At Whistler Golf Club this is one destination that specializes golfing group outings of all sizes and they help to make it convenient and easy when looking to book such a trip with co-workers, friends, or family etc.

There is lots to do in Whistler and the Whistler Golf Club has got you covered when you want to do some golfing on the weekend or on a vacation up in the mountains in British Columbia.

Aside from the Whistler Golf Club there are also other golfing destinations to find in the region as well. This is the perfect place to visit in the summer when you want to plan a golf trip with a small or large group.

One of the most popular and beautiful golf course destinations is the Arnold Palmer designed Whistler Golf Club that offers an experience on a 6,722 yard golf course.

The Whistler Golf Club golf destination has previously won awards for one of the best public courses in Canada, and has been ranked as one of the top golf courses in British Columbia and Canada.

Not only that but they’ve also been recognized as having one of the best golf shops in North America as well. Looking for a good golf course in BC? Look at this one before any others.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

If you plan to go golfing in Whistler here then you are going to be in good hands.

Depending on when you go golfing you can find different golf packages for Whistler Golf Club and other venues.

Right now this summer to go golfing in Whistler for 18 holes and a cart then you could be looking at anywhere between $111 to $188 or more per person for the experience.

You can also find Stay & Play Golf Packages as well that are available from $189* per person, per night

Whistler is one of the most popular vacation spots in British Columbia, not only with locals but with tourists from around the world.

We have heard of many celebrities, even royals, paying a visit to Whistler for a ski trip or vacation. And Whistler is one of the most beautiful mountain areas to explore, with Whistler Village offering lots to see and do. This is a beautiful destination to go golfing and plan a fun golf trip with a group.

This is one of the best golf locations in B.C. and there are multiple options available too for golfing. This makes it easy to find something suitable for when you want to get out onto the green. If you want to plan a golf trip that offers stunning views to go along with the experience then Whistler Golf Club is one venue to consider because you will find a lot more than that here.

Whistler is considered to be a premier golf destination in the province and that is for good reason. You’ve got great options for golf courses in Whistler like the Whistler Golf Club and that makes it easy to get a quality golf experience here. Whether you want a BC golf getaway for days, or to plan a day of fun on a course with friends enjoying the mountain views, you can find it all here and more.

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