Playland Open Friday and Saturday Nights

Playland is now open Thursday through Sunday from 11am to 5pm but it is also open on nights too. For those who might be interested in catching the fair fun at night you have the choice of visiting Playland in Vancouver on Friday and Saturday nights between 6-11pm.

At the amusement park you can catch rides, play games, taste great food, and have some summer fun at one of the most iconic amusement parks.

Tickets for Playland summer 2021 are going to be limited so it’s best to book ahead of time as soon as you know when you want to go.

Tickets for Playland summer 2021 are also going to be date specific as well and you can already book those tickets online now for the season.

Book tickets to Playland in Vancouver on select days from June 11 til September 06.

How much are tickets to Playland Vancouver 2021?

Right now you can book your tickets online for Playland in Vancouver summer 2021 season and you will find two different ticket types. There is the Fun Pass and Thrill Seeker Pass.

Fun Pass (Ticket for Limited rides) $29.50
Thrill Seeker Pass (48″+) $39.50

You can find a wide variety of rides at Playland in Vancouver and affordable entry ticket options to an exciting and fun summer event that is family friend and great for kids.

PLAYLAND Fun Pass Includes:

Balloon Explorers
Bug Whirled
Cap’n KC
Cool Cruzers
Dizzy Drop
Honeybee Express
Kettle Creek Mine Coaster
Sea-to-Sky Swinger
Sweet Escape Mini Golf – newly updated
Tea Cups
West Coast Wheel

PLAYLAND Thrill Seeker Pass Includes:

Rides with a minimum height of 48″
The Beast
Music Express
Pirate Ship
Revelation (ride this with an extra charge)

When you get the Playland 2021 Thrill Seeker Pass you are getting entry to those above mentioned kids and family rides (listed under Fun Pass).


If you want to see the lights come on the rides at night and have a different Playland perspective then book a visit to Playland nights on Friday and Saturday this summer which will be from 6 to 11pm.

If you come hungry you will also be able to find some food options. Triple O’s will be open, with Fundunkers mini donuts, Treat Thyself for some candy apples, and other possible options serving food like pizza, lemonade, and more. Be ready to go cashless to make your purchases though.

 Adventures in Happyland Playland Exhibit

There is also going to be a new attraction as a part of Playland this summer too. This is a feature exhibit that is presented by BCAA which takes guests on a magical journey and into a a fun storybook world full of vivid creatures, fun sights, and more. That exhibit is known as the Adventures in Happyland exhibit that you can see this summer.

The Adventures in Happyland exhibit is going to be an event that gets included with Playland passes.

Go for some games like the Holey Roller and bring home a stuffed donut to remember your visit. Have a round of golf at the candy-themed mini golf course at Playland. Or if you get hungry after going on some rides you can fill up on delicious mini donuts at the fair like the Fundunkers fruit loops or sprinkles donuts.

This is one of the most exciting and diverse summer experiences going on in B.C. this summer and there is lots to see and do at Playland which is open now.

Go day or night with friends or family, catch all the rides you can before you try the delicious food, and enjoy one of the best places in Vancouver.

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