B.C Fires Rage On: Communities Ready To Evacuate On Short Notice

Communities around B.C. that are facing the threat of wildfires right now are on alert and ready to leave on short notice if the evacuation order comes.

There are a number of fires that are currently burning around the province and some areas like Lytton have been significantly impacted by those B.C fires already, with a number of buildings and homes burning to the ground.

The B.C fires are also causing concern for air quality in the region and down in the West Coast of Washington and Oregon as well.

With the fires burning around the province there are hundreds of properties that could potentially face evacuation orders, or more. Out of town firefighters have also already been brought in to help with the issue.

The BC SPCA is busy rescuing animals the have been impacted in communities hit by wildfires too. The BC SPCA does detrimental work in B.C when it comes to helping injured animals and being an emergency support line for animals in need around the province.

Some Western Rail cars have also been halted again because of the wildfires and those fires around BC have threatened the supply chain for a period of time. The aggressive season that has begun with the recent heat wave has also been quickly draining resources that emergency services have allotted to deal with the wildfire season.

The crews aren’t able to get to all fires because of the unprecedented demand they are seeing.

There have been dozens of fires in recent weeks burning all over the province with various evacuation alerts that have already been given out in different communities in B.C. Multiple places such as 100 Mile House, Cache Creek and Ashcroft, are just a few of the regions that have recently been on evacuation alert for those fires.


There are thousands of properties that are reportedly on standby because of the fires that are burning in B.C right now and it means that many more families and individuals could face losing everything they have like many in the town experienced in Lytton.

Crews have been battling wildfires around British Columbia and because of the amount they are seeing it might mean not responding right away to a potential issue. Heat warnings are also expected to be staying in place for the time being as the current temperatures remain.

Already those wildfires have closed a portion of the highway through the B.C. Chilcotin region recently and crews are facing a tough battle in trying to get things under control.

Unusual weather mixed with a heat wave, then a thunderstorm, have all worked together to fuel the wildfire season that crews are seeing right now. What they are seeing is reportedly typical for what they might experience in August and they expect that this season might drag into fall as well. More than 30% of those wildfires have also been attributed to human activity too, with some also believed to have been started by natural causes.

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