Swiss Chalet New Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Swiss Chalet has a new Crispy Chicken Sandwich that they are offering on the menu. This is one casual dining restaurant to find in B.C. that has several locations.

On the menu at Swiss Chalet you can find a wide variety of comfort foods, including things like BBQ ribs, poutines, kids meals, and the new Crispy Chicken Sandwich.

The new Crispy Chicken Sandwich from Swiss Chalet is an all-white meat Canadian chicken breast sandwich that is topped with slaw and made with the new Chalet Mayo that comes all together on a toasted bun.

The sandwich comes with the Signature Chalet dipping sauce too, a pickle spear, and a choice of side along with it.

For more than 65 years Swiss Chalet has been serving communities around B.C. and elsewhere. Not only do they have good comfort food and variety but it is also easy to order from Swiss Chalet as well through the Chalet World mobile app.


Swiss Chalet New Crispy Chicken Sandwich

This makes one more food restaurant that is adding a new crispy chicken sandwich to the menu because it is clear that many people love a good crispy chicken meal. In just B.C. alone this year there are various restaurants that have come out with new crispy chicken sandwiches and Swiss Chalet is adding theirs into the mix too with this new crispy chicken variety they’ve got.

The launch of the new chicken sandwich from Swiss Chalet is supposed to be one of their biggest food innovation launches yet. It is one that they are proud of introducing to the market, as they have said this one is a premium quality crispy chicken sandwich.

The sandwich is going to be made fresh to order and offers that new tangy mayo for an innovative taste on a classic favorite. The sandwich is supposed to be everything you would want in a good crispy chicken sandwich. Juicy, crispy, and full of flavor.

It does not stop here for Swiss Chalet either. Not as far as food innovation goes for the company, so we can anticipate more great products to come out in the future down the line that will be introduced to the menu.

Right now across the country Canadians can get the chance to try the new Swiss Chalet Crispy Chicken Sandwich while the supplies for it last.

Swiss Chalet BC Locations

Swiss Chalet Burnaby 3860 Lougheed Hwy., Burnaby

2115 Louie Dr, West Kelowna, BC

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