Over 1 Billion Seashore Animals Impacted: Canadian Heat Wave Cooks Shellfish

The recent heat wave that impacted the West Coast has had a significant effect on the ecosystem here, fueling the death of more than 1 billion seashore animals.

The heat effectively cooked shellfish to death, such as clams, mussels, and more. You can find thousands of creatures littered around the area that couldn’t make it through the hot temperatures.

Those in the region have noticed the terrible smell from the impact and the deaths to those shellfish in the region. Crabs, musslesl oysters, clams, have all been killed during this heat wave event.

Millions of sea creatures have been found dead in areas like Kits Beach in British Columbia.

Altogether the impact that this has had on the environment and animal life here has been referred to as an ecological catastrophe one that some marine ecologists say that they have never seen before.

At one point during the heat wave they were seeing temperatures above 120 degrees and that was too hot for these creatures to handle.

After the heat wave came through the area now there are many dead mussels and other creatures that have been found on the beach, unable to make it through those temperatures that we had seen.

Deaths of Seashore Animals Will Have Lasting Impact on Ecosystem


The death of these millions of sea creatures is expected to have a meaningful impact on the entire ecosystem. From filtering water to providing food for other species, these shellfish offer a number of benefits.

Now that there has been a significant event with millions cooked to death in the heat wave though, this could have more of a negative effect on the system overall that we might notice later on down the road.

The estimated death toll as far as how many sea creatures might have been impacted as a result of that heat wave could be more than 1 billion.

It isn’t only shellfish that were impacted of course from this record breaking heat wave that recently hit the region.

Hundreds of deaths were also reported around the West Coast in Canada and the United States, people died because of the heat and it has prompted some to criticize the province for mismanaged emergency services that operated during that time.

Now, the province has promised an overhaul in response to those concerns, promising that they will hire more paramedics, dispatchers, and get more ambulances to boost emergency health services in the province.

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