Marine Drive Reopening in White Rock Means Patios Have to Go

City council members just recently voted to restore two-way traffic to Marine Drive in White Rock, British Columbia and that means that some patios are going to see those temporary patio spaces go away now.

Once those traffic patterns had been changed during the pandemic, it’s reported that some business owners saw their sales decrease significantly because of changes to takeout orders.

The vote for bringing back the two way traffic and reducing those patio spaces is said to be a reflection of some of the businesses in the region.

While it might have decreased the business for some, during the pandemic those patio spaces were a lifeline for many that likely could have made the difference between failure or not. The patio spaces were desperately needed when indoor dining was restricted, for those restaurants to be able to make it. Some have worked out so well that we might see a few patio spaces remain for quite some time yet.

For White Rock though things are going to be returning to normal with the two way traffic on Marine Drive coming back.

A few businesses in the White Rock area will be able to keep the patio spaces until Sept. As far as when the two way traffic will be back to normal in White Rock it is expected that this might be the case as early as Aug 7 this summer.


White Rock is a popular summer destination for both locals and tourists. There are a large number of businesses along Marine Drive that see significant action during the summer.

While the patio spaces might have been helping some to get by, there is also the chance that it could have negatively impacted a few businesses around the region. Not everyone had a good experience, based on accounts from those who say that their takeout sales have taken a dive as a result of the patio spaces.

Now that B.C. is moving forward with the reopening, indoor dining and other activities are going back to normal, we might see more of these patio spaces around B.C. being removed as well.

But not everyone is happy to see the patio program ending at this time, especially while things are busy for summer and people want to sit outside and eat.

Some businesses are frustrated to see the program go at this time, especially if the patio spaces had been working out well for them and helping them to see more business as a result, which in-turn is also good for the community.

Some patio spaces that had been set up around Vancouver and other areas during the pandemic might even be here to stay for good now because of how well the idea has played out.

For the White Rock area though it looks like these patio spaces will be going away soon and the two way traffic on Marine Drive going back to normal there within a matter of weeks.

Despite these patio spaces in White Rock going away, there are still the usual patio spaces you can find for some restaurants on Marine Drive that had been there prior to the pandemic. You can find a number of restaurants in this area which offer outdoor seating options. Not only that but you also have the beach right across the street, with different seating areas to be found.

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