Why You Should Plan A Vacation To The Okanagan Valley

Around British Columbia there are many beautiful towns to discover, with some that are less well known than others. In the Okanagan area especially you can find a number of charming communities and beautiful mountain views.

The Okanagan has calming lakes and roadside rivers rushing by on your drive up through the area. This is a beautiful place to explore for a vacation in the summer and there are a variety of things to see and do on your trip here.

Have you asked yourself, where should I go in Okanagan Valley? You might have come up with a list of possible destinations.

Some of the best places to explore include regions like Summerland, Penticton, Kelowna, Vernon, Peachland, and Merritt.


On your drive up you might lose your wifi connection but you will gain something even better, a connection to the beautiful wilderness that surrounds the Okanagan area.

Find motels, cute diners, and great areas to pull over and stop and enjoy the views along the way through the Okanagan. There are many charming areas to explore and discover on your drive through this region. Just make sure to fill up on gas before you take off because the gas stations can be few and far between on your way up through British Columbia to see the Okanagan.

Best Place in B.C. For Camping and Boating

Looking to find a small community in B.C. that is worth a trip to visit? You can find several in the Okanagan. Asking yourself, where should I go in Okanagan Valley? The answer is check out a beautiful place like Merritt, Hope, or Quilchena. Nicola Lake is one of the most beautiful places in the Okanagan to explore and offers a great chance to get out on the water.

If you plan to get here at the right time then you might get lucky and have the lake all to yourself. But in the summer it can fill up quick, especially as the weather gets nicer out. There are some picnic tables to find and boat launches that make it easy to have a good time at the lake in the Okanagan for summer.

Nicola Lake in B.C. has breathtaking views (see below) and the lake also gives you an area to have fun and explore the best of B.C. For a day on one of the most beautiful B.C. lakes out there, head on over to Nicola Lake for some adventure and good scenery.

There are great cafes here, motel options, restaurants to find, and a good place to set up your stay for a B.C. summer vacation. Find places in the Okanagan to go boating, swimming, and get out on the water for some activities and fun, they’re all over this region.

Another question you also might want to ask yourself is when should I visit the Okanagan? The best time to visit this region is in the summer. This is when you can take advantage of the rivers, the lakes, get out and get some refreshing water time when the weather gets too hot.

You could plan a vacation that has boating, swimming, or have a BBQ with friends down by the river. Relax on inflatable tubes as you float down one of the winding Okanagan rivers, there is a lot to fill your days with.

Looking for fun? Relaxation? Experiences? You can find all of that and more in the Okanagan.

Food Destinations: As for food when asking where should I go in Okanagan Valley? The answer is simple. There are many quality diners that you can find along the way.

One of those diners is the Hope Mountain Cafe that you can visit along the way that has good food at affordable prices. One of the top sellers is the Veggie Wrap so don’t miss a chance to try that one!


Exploring this area is going to take you a fair distance away from the Vancouver region. You will find yourself driving for hours if you want to explore all of these communities throughout the Okanagan region.

So how does one decide where to set up for vacation for a few days? You could go on a trip through the Okanagan and visit more than one area each day. Within those communities you will come across various motel and hotel options to stay at.

There are also camping and RV destinations to find in the Okanagan as well, this makes it easy to plan an affordable through through B.C. to explore dozens of great cities and small towns.

If you have asked yourself where should I go in Okanagan Valley? Think about making a drive up to Nicola Lake or visiting a small community like Hope or Merritt, these areas have distinct charm and offer a great place to call home for a vacation.

In the summer around B.C. there is the risk of wildfires to watch out for. Right now there are hundreds burning around the province and many can be found often throughout the Okanagan region too.

While the Okanagan might be a beautiful place to vacation in the summer it also does come with that risk of wildfires that have been known to make their way through areas in this valley and elsewhere around B.C.

A number of areas in B.C. would make for beautiful destinations to explore for a summer vacation and that includes many within the Okanagan region.

Affordable Vacation Destinations In B.C.

Here in the Okanagan you can find affordable motel options, affordable food, and multiple destination options to explore for some fun. Get the chance to explore rivers, lakes, and get some stunning B.C. views that will make you want to come back again and again.

Lakes in Okanagan:

  • Okanagan Lake
  • Nicola Lake
  • Skaha Lake
  • Wood Lake
  • Mabel Lake
  • Mara Lake
  • Spotted Lake
  • Swan Lake

These are just some of the lakes that you can find in the Okanagan region to explore, there are many others.

The Okanagan has many places to kayak, canoe, go boating, swimming, camping, and have a great vacation in the summer in British Columbia. Around this region you will find Vancouver locals, out of town guests, and international tourists, because this is one of the most popular places to go during summer for vacation. There are family-friendly venues and activities to find and you will have some great weather too.

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