Book A Ride On The New Eagle Coaster Up At Cypress Mountain

The B.C. provincial government has been gradually moving forward with the B.C. reopening roadmap and that means relaxing health safety restrictions over summer months.

As more individuals and families look to get out in and around Vancouver for the summer there are a number of events coming up to make a note to remember.

One of those exciting events is the opening of the newly completed thrill ride known as the Eagle Coaster at Cypress Mountain.


When will the Eagle Coaster at Cypress Mountain be open? The plan is for the Eagle Coaster at Cypress to open July 12, 2021, and there will be online sales for rides as well and those have already begun.

You can look online to book tickets for the Eagle Coaster, find tickets for a ride between 10 am to 6 pm.

The Eagle Coaster at Cypress goes 40 Kilometers Per Hour (25 Miles Per Hour) has 279 meters of vertical drop, measuring 1.1 miles.

For the same ages 8+ with 2 rides you can find a ticket for $39.00, among other options. You can find out more information about the tickets and book them here.

Get Tickets To Eagle Coaster at Cypress

Tickets start at $29.00 a ticket for Ages 8+. This cost at $29 will be for one ride and there are other ticket options as well.

For those age 3-7 the passenger ride ticket for one ride is $12.00 and they need to ride the coaster with an adult.

Construction has been ongoing for the Eagle Coaster and they are ready to start welcoming guests to take a ride on this thrill adventure up at Cypress.

Each ticket on the Eagle Coaster is also going to include a ride on the chairlift.


This is going to be a fun adventure this summer to take part in up at Cypress Mountain that is family friend and will bring you fun with some great views.

There is also now going to be a soft opening for the Eagle Coaster at Cypress as well.

Crypress Mountain recently announced on their social media that you can book tickets to that now on on the Eagle Coaster for the soft opening. Find tickets for July 10th for those who want to go and see the ride early before it opens.

Summer Fun On The Eagle Coaster in Vancouver

The Eagle Coaster at Cypress goes up to 40 Kilometers Per Hour and is the perfect place to plan some family fun for summer. Get out on a beautiful day and experience some excitement by booking a ticket for a ride on this new feature up at Cypress.

The coaster that is opening soon at Cypress mountain is one of the most highly anticipated events and the day is finally here. Start booking tickets now if you want to catch a ride on the coaster up at Cypress, the tickets might sell out quickly.

Updates have been ongoing for weeks as they build the coaster up at Cypress and they have been making quick progress on the Coaster with the highly anticipated opening this summer. Check out what the ride is like in the video they have posted below.

Not only can you check out the Eagle Coaster this summer at Cypress but you can also find many other things to do up at Cypress, as this is one of the most stunning areas of British Columbia to explore. Looking to do some hiking with friends or family? You can find many great areas on the mountain here to do it.

If you want to see what the coaster is like then look online now to book your tickets while there are still some left, including those for the soft opening this weekend.

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