A Tour Of Some of Victoria’s Best Backyard Gardens

The Virtual Teeny Tiny Garden Tour is going on this summer and offers a glimpse at some breathtaking garden spaces in the community. This is a virtual tour of some of the best garden and backyard spaces in Victoria and the event is in support of Victoria Hospice.

This is a free event this summer in B.C. that you can experience online at your own leisure. The tour is going to feature 3 different gardens that you can virtually experience as a part of the Virtual Teeny Tiny Garden Tour event.

Event Details for A Tour Of Some of Victoria‘s Best Backyard Gardens

Dates: June 13, 2021 to July 31, 2021

Venue: This is a virtual event, the garden tour can be experienced online

Time: Anytime


There are a wide variety of gardens to explore in Vancouver, Victoria, and around B.C. Throughout Victoria there are popular garden spaces like The Butchart Gardens near Victoria, and other well-known gardens to explore. The virtual garden tour offers a chance to experience those gardens safely from your own home, or any venue, at your own leisure.

You can virtually visit gardens in Victoria and see some of the best backyard spaces that are being kept in this community.

For anyone who attends the Virtual Teeny Tiny Garden Tour they are being encouraged to purchase a 2022 Teeny Tiny Garden Tour Calendar or to possibly make a donation that goes toward Victoria Hospice.

The Virtual Teeny Tiny Garden Tour started on June 13 and will be ongoing until July 31 2021. There is still time to experience the virtual tiny garden tour in Victoria.

Photo by Gary Barnes on Pexels.com

Ask A Master Gardener a Question

As a part of the event you can see how other gardeners are making it work in their own spaces. Also, there is a chance to find the opportunity to Ask a Master Gardener a question too, by sending an e-mail to the Victoria Master Gardeners.

See what plants and flowers are thriving in Victoria by experiencing the virtual garden tour and don’t forget to check out the Teeny Tiny Garden Tour Calendar either that can bring you enjoyment for months to come of some beautiful gardens.

Want to see some beautiful gardens in Victoria? There are several being featured in the Virtual Teeny Tiny Garden Tour. This event is ongoing now and you can watch and experience some incredible garden spaces that are being kept in Victoria presently.

This is one of the summer events in Victoria that no garden lover should miss and it is also a great opportunity to support a community organization that is doing good. Victoria is full of several amazing gardens to explore, but you won’t get the chance to experience Victoria backyard gardens like you will as a part of this special virtual garden tour.

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