More Than 200 Fires Burning: High to Extreme Risk in B.C. Over Wildfires

There are more than 200 wildfires that are currently burning around B.C. It is reported that at least one third of those fires are out of control right now in the province. We have seen more than 1,000 people in B.C. be forced to leave their homes after fire swept through the town of Lytton, B.C. and burned most of it to the ground.

After that fire in Lytton it didn’t take long for donations and support to start pouring in from the community. And now there are more areas that are in need of help, who are also at risk of wildfires.

Out of province firefighters have recently arrived in B.C. to help as the fires burn out of control.

Some of those out of province firefighters have been sent from as far as Eastern Canada to help with the wildfires in B.C. that are burning right now. There are over 200 blazes burning around B.C. currently and the risk right now is extremely high.

British Columbia campfire ban has also recently gone into effect

The B.C. campfire ban has recently gone into effect but despite the warnings and the fires going on around the province that hasn’t stopped some from trying to light up. Recently, conservation officers around the province reportedly handed out more than $25k in fines over campfires that took place over the weekend.

Since that ban on campfires in BC had gone into effect there are dozens of tickets that have already been given out to those who have been caught allegedly violating the rules.


As those fires continue to burn around the province it might have some already rethinking their summer camping plans or travel plans, especially to areas that might now be looking at potential warnings to evacuate.

Cost Of fighting Wildfires In BC

There is a high cost to fighting those wildfires around the province, and already they’ve spent more than $95 million just this year. Peak fire season isn’t here yet and things could get worse, it could easily get more expensive. That amount that has already been spent fighting fires in B.C. is around 70% of their annual budget.

It isn’t uncommon for the province to spend millions fighting these wildfires each year. Already there are hundreds of buildings and homes that have been destroyed and Lytton has been devastated.

There are a number of organizations, like the Red Cross, who are already taking donations and giving support to those around the province who have been impacted by the wildfires.

BC Wildfire Service are expecting heightened activity for July and there are already some large fires burning out of control around the province. It is also anticipated that more smoke from British Columbia wildfires could also blow into Washington. Though questions have been raised about air quality it is expected to remain ‘good’ in that area.

B.C. Wildfires Cause Damage For Supply Chain

The Port of Vancouver and supply chain in the region are being impacted by those 200+ fires currently burning. There have been trade delays because of the B.C. wildfires and damage done to key railway tracks as well.

Train shipments in B.C. have had to be halted because of the wildfires, and with a large number of ships that are waiting to arrive there is also a backlog that is gradually being worked on to be cleared out fully for everything to get back to normal.

For the meantime however, those wildfires have impacted the shipment of goods like lumber, grains, and other items.


That return to normal might not be just a few days, but could be weeks away from being fully realized. This is because there were thousands of railway cars that were impacted so far by the wildfires in the province.

Recovery on this might be slow and take more than a few days to sort through after the recent upset. If they don’t start to get moving then people could start to see that trickle down to the shelves.

With the more than 200 wildfires in B.C. that are burning right now there are 15 wildfires that have already been classified as highly visible or potentially threatening.

As for regions that have seen the worst of it, like Lytton, the BC SPCA has said that they will be going to the area to rescue stranded animals that got left behind in the evacuation zone.

So far the BC SPCA has successfully rescued dozens of animals from the Lytton fire. Some of those rescued animals have already been taken to facilities in areas like Kamloops, B.C. for care.

To give to help the SPCA help animals in Lytton, B.C. and other areas you can visit their site here.

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