Don’t Miss Lavenderland This Summer In Richmond

The Lavenderland event is going on in Richmond right now and this is a chance for all lavender lovers to come out and see the beautiful lavender farm in this area. It is the first lavender farm in Richmond and it is going to open this summer for some time and tickets can be purchased online.

When you buy a ticket you can get a 2 hour visit to see the lavender farm in Richmond, B.C. and you can get the chance to take pictures of the stunning area.

This is going to be a popular event in Vancouver this summer so you will want to get tickets to Lavenderland in Richmond before they sell out completely.

Lavenderland in Richmond is located at 8460 Steveston Highway, and tickets to this event will be $15.75 for one person for that 2 hour session.

You can also find family bundles available for tickets as well, including passes for 2 adults and up to 3 children. This is going to be a fun summer event going on around Vancouver for several months.

See Lavenderland in Richmond from June 19 to Oct 10 2021.


You can find group tickets to see Lavenderland in Richmond as well if you want to plan a large event with several people to see the lavender farm.

Richmond Lavenderland is located on Steveston Highway and is easily accessible by public transportation as well.

Find Sunset Lavenderland Sessions

There are sunset evening sessions available starting July 6 2021 for Lavenderland in Richmond, B.C. and that will be each Tues to Sat from 6 pm to 9 pm, this will be drop ins only. There will be only credit and debit card payment as well and no food or drinks will be for sale on the site location.

Book Your Tickets Now for Lavenderland 2021

For Lavenderland right now you can find group tickets, family tickets, and general admission tickets on sale.

Lavenderland is now open for the season so it is the perfect time to plan to stop by and try one of their delicious and refreshing lavender drinks that will be available this summer.

Lavender Festival is also coming soon and that is going to be at the end of July. You can still find tickets and get the chance to do drop-ins to the lavender farm as well if you want to visit this beautiful space during sunset golden hours.

The drop ins to the Lavender farm between 6PM to 9PM that makes it easy to unexpectedly stop by and just pay right at the door.

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