Vegan Meal-Kit Delivery Service Launches New Online Marketplace

Vegano is a popular Canadian vegan meal-kit delivery service that has recently launched a fully integrated online marketplace. This Vancouver-based tech startup is one of the best sources for all things vegan.

Vegano offers a fully integrated vegan marketplace which combines a convenient e-commerce shopping experience with a wide selection of vegan items for consumers to find.

You can find hundreds of different products on Vegano for the meal kit delivery service. By the end of this year they also hope to have thousands of products offered through the online vegan marketplace.

Vegano is already busy delivering thousands of vegan meal kits around Vancouver in areas like Squamish and Whistler too. Their customer base is growing and they’ve seen 150% growth since their launch.

This marketplace makes it easy today for people to be able to find quality vegan food items in a easy to use marketplace that enables them to order for delivery.

This is a Canadian business offering 100% vegan plant based meal kit services around the Metro Vancouver region and they are planning to expand to other areas as well.

Trying to make more plant based and vegan meals at home can be difficult. Finding high quality vegan items on menus at restaurants or cafes can also prove to be challenging as well.

Although, there are a growing number of vegan items being offered in restaurants and in stores today, there is room still for more convenience in this marketplace. Vegano has sought to make it easier for people to make that transition and find those quality plant based vegan items.

Vegano is Canada’s First 100% Plant Based Meal Kit Delivery Service


There are reportedly plans for Vegano to expand into other Canadian communities and outside of Canada as well, to service areas with plant based vegan meals in regions like Montreal and Los Angeles.

Vegano was founded in 2020, launched in the beginning of 2021, and the business is already seeing success and might be set to eventually become publicly listed sometime later this year.

Where to find gourmet vegan meals in Vancouver

Vegano is one more option for Canadians to turn to when looking to find quality vegan food and trusted brands. Now you can get plant based meal kits and vegan grocery items sent straight to your door.

Order gourmet vegan meals through Vegano like the Orange Miso Bowl or the Butternut Squash And Black Bean and Tacos. You can check back weekly to see different top Vegan chef picks for the gourmet vegan meals to order.

Vegano is sourcing from local producers and looks to minimize the impact on the environment by supporting local farmers. Through their service they offer some low carb food options, kid friendly meals, innovative and fresh vegan meals to order that make eating plant based easy.

Vegano is going to offer weekly meals that can be delivered right to your door. That helps to save time, money, and save on waste for food items that get bought and never eaten. It helps families and individuals to be able to stay organized in their eating and overall makes the plant based vegan transition easier for all.

It’s estimated that there are more than 3 million vegans or vegetarians in Canada today

Because of the growing demand around Canada and the world today for plant based and vegan food options we are seeing more variety come to this market. Vegano is one of those players that is already successful in helping to broaden the vegan food market. They are one of the best options in Canada to look for high quality, fresh vegan grocery items, as well as plant based vegan meal kits for a delivery service too.

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