Vancouver 2021 Greek Summerfest Coming Back

Greek Summerfest on Boundary is coming back for 2021. This is the chance to pick up some delicious Greek food to have for a meal this summer. Take part in the Greek Summerfest in Vancouver and support the community while doing it.

This is a fun family friendly event to enjoy that will bring out a Greek food culinary experience that you do not want to miss.

Vancouver Greek Summerfest Drive Thru is back this summer.

Get a chance to try some delicious Greek food as a part of this fun and unique summer event. For this Greek food event in Vancouver you can order food online and enjoy it at home or a local park or beach nearby. Ordering is easy and there are plenty of options on the menu for tasting.

All of the trimmings you can find on the menu for ordering and that includes dishes like souvlaki, spinach pie, BBQ lamb, Greek salad and more.

When is Greek Summerfest 2021 in Vancouver?
July 9-11
July 16-18

Where is 2021 Greek Summerfest in Vancouver?
4541 Boundary Road @ East 29th Ave.

Greek Honey Doughnuts Are Coming Back!

This is going to be a food event that you do not want to miss this summer. Love Greek food? You can get a chance to try some of the best authentic Greek dishes as a part of this event with Greek Summerfest Vancouver.

Order Greek Food To Go or Drive Thru To Pick Up

You can also get it simply by ordering to go and enjoying at home too. It’s easy to take part in this event this summer in Vancouver.

Want souvlaki with some delicious authentic spinach pies? Find all of that as a part of this Greek food Vancouver event and more.

This Greek food celebration event has been going on for decades in the Vancouver community. The Greek Summer Fest is a great opportunity to explore the community, try some new food, and have a little fun this summer.

On The Menu

  • BBQ Lamb Dinner $ 24.00
  • Chicken Souvlaki Dinner $ 21.00
  • Pork souvlaki dinner $ 21.00
  • Spanakopita Dinner $ 17.50
  • Loukoumades dipped in honey with sesame seeds and cinnamon $7.00

Craving some delicious Greek food this summer? Don’t miss a chance to take part in this celebration and join in on the Greek Summerfest on Boundary that is happening July 9th -11th and July 16th -18th.

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