10 Birthday Party Venues In Vancouver For Kids

There are a wide variety of different venues to visit around Metro Vancouver that would be perfect for any birthday. Here is a list of some family friendly venue ideas for kids’ birthdays in the Vancouver area.

10. Science World

Science World in Vancouver is a great idea for a Kids’ birthday party. This venue is going to be a great option for large groups and offers active and an educational experience. A trip to Science World for a birthday would be perfect for the entire family. It gives kids the chance to play and learn at the same time, see live stage shows, exhibits, and can spark their curiosity. It is the perfect venue in Vancouver for a birthday party.

There are free science activities here to find, and different exhibits that go on. If you want to do something a little different for a birthday party in Vancouver then a visit to Science World might be perfect.

9. Playland

Playland is a popular amusement park in Vancouver and it is the perfect location for any birthday party. If you are looking to have a birthday party in the summer months then look for organizing a date to Playland or the PNE. You can do group booking and there are a variety of fun things to do here. Go on rides, see shows, try different food, and have a memorable birthday with friends.

Birthday parties at Playland in Vancouver are a big hit and a great idea to consider if you are looking for something fun to do that gets everyone out having a good time.

8. Denny’s

A birthday party needs a good venue for everyone to eat so why not Denny’s? This is a great idea if you want to just have a little sit down and something to eat for a birthday breakfast in Vancouver. At Denny’s they have certain promotions where during certain hours/days kids eat free with the purchase of an adult entrée. You can also find a chance to get a free birthday breakfast special at Denny’s as well.

7. Evolve Virtual Reality

A birthday party with virtual reality can be realized if you visit Evolve Virtual Reality in Vancouver on Broadway. This venue is where you can find virtual reality fun in Vancouver for a brithday you will never forget.

There are a variety of VR games in Vancouver to experience and getting friends together for some VR fun is easy if you plan to do it here. There are dozens of different VR games to find and experience.

For gaming and birthday fun one idea would be to plan a visit to the Evovle Virtual Reality venue in Vancouver that has many options to choose from for games. Play as individual players or groups of patrons can also join matches of several players in those VR games.

6. Movie Theater Birthday At Scotiabank Theatre Vancouver

For a movie with friends there are a variety of theaters in Vancouver and the surrounding region to choose from. One of the best of them is the Scotiabank Theatre Vancouver on Burrard St in Vancouver. Here you can find top movie releases and the popular DBOX movie experience.

Movie birthday parties are a great idea for kids, there are always new releases coming out and great movies to see. For a fun birthday party in Vancouver the movie theater would be another venue idea to think about. You can find multiple movie theater locations in Vancouver and around the Lower Mainland.

5. Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver Aquarium is a destination to visit for a birthday that gives kids the chance to see and learn about new things. This is a major tourist attraction for Vancouver but it is also the perfect place for a birthday party for kids in Vancouver too. Groups of friends can get together and plan a visit to the Vancouver Aquarium that involves a tour through the venue and experience of the different creatures that are housed and taken care of there.

The Vancouver Aquarium in Vancouver is going to be re-opening soon after closing during the pandemic and would be a top destination for any birthday party in Vancouver for kids.

4. Granville Island

Granville Island might be a fun birthday venue in Vancouver depending on what you are looking to do. At Granville Island you can find a beautiful peninsula where there are boat rentals, bood options, shopping that can be done, and many parks nearby too.

Discover different festivals that go on at Granville Island throughout the year and shop at different businesses in the district, grab some fresh doughnuts or plan a birthday seafood lunch. Visit the Kids Market at Granville Island or the Granville Island Water Park.

3. Pirate Cruises in Vancouver

One of the best interactive, fun, and memorable birthday party venue ideas in Vancouver would be to plan a pirate cruise with friends. You can sign up for an interactive pirate theater cruise in Vancouver that allows the group to be fully immersed in the pirate-themed fun.

By booking a birthday party that offers pirate fun it is going to provide a chance to see some interactive theatre and have some fun and adventure while aboard a real pirate ship.

How many other kids are going to have a pirate themed birthday party? This is a birthday plan that brings together fun and adventure. From the photo above you can see how interactive and engaging it is for the kids, a great idea for any kids birthday party in Vancouver when looking for birthday party venue ideas. Book a pirate birthday cruise!

2. TBC Indoor Racing

While it isn’t technically Vancouver, it is such a great idea for a birthday party that it cannot be left out. Over in Richmond you can get the chance to do some serious indoor racing. Richmond isn’t that far of a drive from Vancouver and offers the chance to do some go-kart racing if you want to have a little more activity and fun.

TBC Indoor Racing offers indoor track go-kart racing and you can find group birthday party packages too. The birthday party go kart package makes it easy to plan and organize the birthday fun for a group.

At this indoor kart racing venue you can find the chance to have a little fun competition and do something different. The venue is also only a short distance from downtown Vancouver, about a 15 minute drive away.

1. The Adventure Zone

The Adventure Zone at Granville Island would make the perfect kids birthday party venue idea in Vancouver. Why? Because this place has fun written all over it. You can easily plan parties, get the chance to win prizes, and play some fun games with friends.

You can find The Adventure Zone on the 2nd floor at Granville Island.

Want a birthday party with A/C during the summer too? You can find that here. Have some indoor fun at this little adventure extravaganza for kids. It is the perfect fun and colorful venue in Vancouver for a kids’ birthday party venue idea. Find birthday party packages here and easily plan a group birthday party at this venue that has multiple layers of fun for kids.

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