Where To Get Good BBQ In Poco

Wondering where to find great BBQ in Poco? One fantastic option comes to mind and that is Patina Brewing.

Patina Brewing is located in Port Coquitlam, over by the Coquitlam River, and this destination is one that is serving delicious BBQ dishes and other treats.

They offer snacks like candied bacon, chicken wings, rib bites, spinach dip, Texas brisket, pulled pork, pulled pork tacos, chicken and waffles, and more.

They’ve got the classic sides like Southern cornbread and beans, mac and cheese, collared greens, and fries, making it the perfect spot to get drinks and BBQ in the Port Coquitlam area.

Patina Brewing in Port Coquitlam has a decent patio space and makes a great spot for lunch or dinner if you want good food, drinks, and atmosphere.

Where: Patina Brewing in PoCo is located at 2332 Marpole Ave.

There is plenty of parking to find in the area and parks nearby that you can take your food to and enjoy. It’s a laid back atmosphere for when you want fresh food, comfort food like chicken and waffles, along with some delicious drink options on the menu too.

Try The Fresh Baked Cookies or new Lemonade that is made in house and available on tap! ⠀

Whether you are stopping in or ordering delivery through a delivery app make sure to try their fresh baked cookies for the day.

You can call in to see what the chef might have baked for the day and decide if you want that flavor of cookie. Who knew that fresh baked cookies would pair so well with barbecue, the combo works. And the cookies are truly delicious so don’t miss the chance to try them.

chicken and waffles

Get Good BBQ in Port Coquitlam

Patina Brewing company is a great small business to support in B.C. that offers truly quality and outstanding craft beer and they have got their delicious barbeque as well.

You can taste the seasoning and quality of the barbeque, see their chicken and waffles above, and overall with each bite you can taste the effort that has gone into it.

BBQ Delivery Or Takeout

If you want to get some high quality bbq in Port Coquitlam you can find great bbq here at Patina Brewing for takeout or delivery. There are delivery apps like Skip The Dishes that make getting barbeque in Port Coquitlam easy, even if you live in other areas like Coquitlam or Burnaby.

If you are within delivery distance of the delivery app you will still be able to access ordering from Patina Brewing if it isn’t too far away from your destination.

If you aren’t able to get your bbq from poco via delivery you could also do takeout or choose to dine in with Patina Brewing and maybe checkout their patio space this summer. Order a few drinks with a side of Patina fries and Pit Beans. This is a delicious bbq spot in Port Coquitlam that is easy to order for delivery or takeout.

Looking for chicken and waffles in Poco? Cornbread in Poco? Or pulled pork tacos? You can find all of those favorites here and more in Port Coquitlam at Patina Brewing. This is delicious and authentic bbq in PoCo that is easy to find and order.

Pulled pork tacos with coleslaw, cheese, pickled veg, and bbq sauce

Make a plan to visit for lunch or dinner because the menu has a variety of delicious items to try. There are also gluten free options and dairy free options such as the Texas Brisket, Pulled Pork, or Smoked Chicken Legs.

Get BBQ in Port Coquitlam with all of the trimmings, from beans to cornbread, and cookies afterwards. If you have not tried Patina Brewing yet and are looking for a good dinner or lunch spot then plan a visit here to this location for some great BBQ in Port Coquitlam.

Patina Brewing is where to go when you are looking for good bbq in Port Coquitlam. This is a spot that is serving up fluffy waffles with seasoned chicken legs, pulled pork sandwiches, tender pinto beans that have been smoked for hours, and fresh cornbread.

Southern-style BBQ In Port Coquitlam

Greens, beans, cornbread, chicken, brisket, pulled pork, and more, makes this a great bbq restaurant in Port Coquitlam to try out when you get hungry.

For some of the best Southern-style BBQ in Port Coquitlam you know where to go and you can get some amazing local craft beer to go right along with it.

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