What caused the Lytton fire?

The majority of Lytton, B.C. has recently been burned by a fire, more than 90% of the town has been destroyed. Not only has this recent fire decimated the area but more than 1000 people were forced to leave.

An investigation by the RCMP is still underway as to what exactly caused the fire that burned through the region and left many now homeless and without any belongings.

There are dozens of fires going on around B.C. at the moment and other areas might also soon see evacuation orders if those fires get out of control. Residents in Lytton had little to no warning when they were told to leave and now officials suspect that human causes might be to blame for the devastating fire that destroyed Lytton, B.C.

The Wildfire Service has reportedly indicated that the fire in Lytton, B.C. was likely human caused by the investigation is still ongoing for now. Most homes in Lytton have been destroyed and other structures as well, when the fast moving wildfire tore through the area. This means that hundreds had to leave to save their lives.

Giving Help To Those Impacted By Lytton Wildfire

Now donations are being accepted for those evacuees from Lytton, B.C., and there are several shelters that have also opened their doors to help too.

Both the RCMP and the fire origin cause investigators with the Wildfire Service in B.C. are still looking into what exactly caused this issue. But so far they have admitted that it could possibly have been human-caused. The specific cause of Lytton wildfire however is undetermined for now.

Residents filmed some of the scenes they witnessed in Lytton, B.C. as they escaped the region and you can see buildings ablaze, cars, trees burning up. The wildfire tore through the area so quickly that most of the buildings were burned to the ground within hours.

The wildfire in Lytton had reportedly started on Wed afternoon and was roughly 150 km northeast of Vancouver. B.C. has also seen a heat wave recently with some of the hottest temperatures on record for this time of year. There are more than 100 active fires around B.C. and the dry conditions haven’t helped matters.

Already, we have out of province fire crews coming in to assist with the dozens of active fires that are burning around British Columbia.

Investigators are still searching locations and engaged in talking to witnesses as a part of their search for the truth as to what happened in Lytton, B.C. and what might have started the wildfire that burned much of this area to the ground. There are criticisms that community needs were ignored during this time and some say that it allegedly took hours to get a response from the government as evacuations in the region were underway.

Investigation Still Ongoing Over Lytton, B.C. fire

Though they are not finished with their investigation into the Lytton, B.C. fire there is also speculation that it might have allegedly been caused by a passing train, there are various theories as to what might have caused it. For right now they are still conducting that investigation and it could still be months away before we know the truth of the matter.

Right now the wildfire investigation in Lytton B.C. is still a priority for authorities in the region and they will be working hard to uncover what went wrong, as well as assessing the impact on the village overall.

Firefighters in the region have been praised for helping to save some animals that had been left behind by those who had to flee when the fires came around. Now forensic teams have also arrived in the region to confirm reports that some were killed in the wildfire that swept across Lytton, B.C.

With only minutes notice to get out the door and flee many couldn’t have even processed what to put together to bring with them, let alone rush to organize anything that they might need. Now hundreds of those families and individuals who had to flee are homeless and have nothing.

If you are interested in donating goods, money, or gift certificates to those who need help, there are various places to do which are already accepting donations from the community for Lytton, B.C. evacuees.

The entire village of Lytton had to evacuate and the area burned up quickly.

It’s reported that the fire had erupted at some point in the downtown core of Lytton, B.C. The B.C. Premier has previously suggested that wildfire didn’t engulf the town but that the origin of the fire was still not known yet. The federal government has also already reportedly promised to fund the rebuilding of the village of Lytton, B.C. after this devastating event.

It is suspected that it might have been human causes that contributed to the Lytton fire in B.C. but the investigation hasn’t concluded yet and we still might not know for some time yet. This remains a top priority for investigators in the province however. So far, officials reportedly have some certainty that the fire started in the community and spread to the bush in the Lytton village area.

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