New West Letter Xchange Project: Letter Exchange Connecting Community

A letter exchange program in New Westminster is helping to bring together those in the community who are looking for connection with others. The New West Letter Exchange has already received support from the Downtown New Westminster BIA and is open to those in the community who might want to reach out and make new friendships or connections around them.

Monique Stanley-Davy’s is behind the project which is inspiring community members to take part. Those who want to join in the New West Letter Exchange can take a pen and paper, write down whatever might come to them, seal it up and place it in one of the proper mail boxes in New West that are located along the Quayside boardwalk.

Those who are dropping off a letter can exchange it for another letter that has been written by a stranger in the community.

Anyone who wants to share their experience with the project can use tag #nwletterxchange

You can also follow along the Instagram account @nwletterxchange to see the progress of the experience for the New West Letter Exchange too.

Find the boxes at the Waterfront Esplanade entrance which is along the waterfront at 10th Street.

During the pandemic there were millions of people around Canada and elsewhere who started to experience loneliness after not being able to connect with friends, family, or co-workers for months. There have been various community projects set up in B.C. and elsewhere that have sought to bring solutions to those in need, who are struggling with loneliness from wanting to have some sort of connection with others around them.

Phone lists have been used, connecting strangers with calling one another and making new friendships over the phone, and there is also this idea of getting back to the basics of letter writing. For some who are looking for new connection, something to do, someone to talk to, it might just be what they need. It’s easily accessible for those who are looking to join and you never know who you might meet in the community or what you might learn.

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