No More Single-Use Plastic Bags In Nanaimo

Starting July 1 plastic bags at checkouts are now gone in Nanaimo. You won’t be finding them in stores around the region so you will need to remember to bring your own bag with you.

This is just one more region to do away with plastic single use bags and it is going to have a big impact on landfills.

Stores in Nanaimo can offer paper bags and customers are free to bring their own bag to reuse as well. Customers can purchase paper bags and reusable bags from stores with their purchases.

As for reusable bags in Nanaimo they will need to be washable and strong enough to endure at least 100x being used if they are going to be sold. This is how they can truly enable individuals to benefit from going with a reusable bag for their purchases.

The transition to reusable Bags

Small bags that are used for produce and for bulk goods are still going to be allowed though, as well as multi-packs of plastic bags. You will also see protective bags for newspapers and dry cleaning is also going to be using plastic too.

At the checkout is where you are going to notice the difference. But it won’t be the only region in B.C. that you notice the lack of plastic, other areas have also done away with plastic bags too in stores like Safeway and others. Esquimalt, Surrey and Rossland are some more areas in B.C. that are also being added to the growing list of municipalities implementing similar bans.

Now that they have made this change and are doing away with plastic bags this means that overall they could see some 40 million plastic bags avoided from landfills.

The hope is that Canadians will start to become more comfortable with the habit, trying to reuse as a priority. And we can expect to see more Canadian municipalities embrace these sorts of single use plastic bag bans that we have seen introduced in a myriad of regions, including around B.C. as well.

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