More Than 119 Wildfires Burning in B.C. Right Now

In the last 24 hours the province of B.C. has had a record 62 new fires to deal with and it has meant that at least 1000 had to be evacuated from Lytton, B.C. The town has now largely been destroyed by wildfire. It’s reported that the wildfires were sparked by the unprecedented heatwave that the West Coast experienced recently.

Nearly 90% of Lytton burned to the ground

By Thursday afternoon most of the area of Lytton had been burned and people have lost everything, with many not having a clear idea of where they might go next. Some have described the situation like a war zone because of the conditions and the look of the devastating impact when you now see the town.

Smoke from the fire is now making its way into Washington and that smoke is expected to cover the majority of Washington this weekend.

The province is at risk of wildfires, B.C. officials have recently warned, and just recently a campfire ban in B.C. has also gone into effect.

Yesterday more evacuations were ordered as the wildfire approached homes in Castlegar, B.C.

Right now there are more than 100 reported fires that are burning in B.C. Most of those fires are in the Cariboo region, Prince George and Kamloops area.

It’s reported that about 10% of those fires are under control by wildfire crews. A majority of those fires have also been linked to lightning as the cause, while about 37% remain under investigation as to what might have caused them.

These fires have already had a devastating impact around the region, on areas like Lytton which has been significantly destroyed and had hundreds evacuated.

Already this season the wildfires are causing significant destruction around the province. Hundreds of homes have been destroyed and the unprecedented heat dome and dry conditions that the province has been seeing aren’t helping conditions.

For now there are many residents around B.C. in those fire-prone regions that are on high alert as dozens of wildfires have been sparked in just a matter of hours. Things can change rapidly. The smoke from those fires in the province is also raising concerns about air quality in the region too.

Meteorologists have also suggested that lightning could further pose a risk of wildfires in the province because of the dry conditions around B.C. right now. The wildfire danger rating for most of the southern and central B.C. area is still in the high to extreme range.

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