Fresh Eats for Summer at White Spot

White Spot has some delicious new items on the menu to try for summer including their Black Truffle Cheese Mushroom Burger, Crab Cake Burger, and the Crab Cake Salad.

There are a number of White Spot locations to find around B.C. and some great patio areas as well if you are looking to have brunch or dinner outside with friends or family. This Canadian restaurant chain, based in Vancouver, has been serving quality burgers, milkshakes, and other dishes, for years.

There are dozens of White Spot locations in B.C. and this is the perfect restaurant for a lunch or dinner, planning a birthday celebration, having a date night, they’ve got delicious food and drinks. Thanks to the new summer eats you can find delicious crab cakes in Vancouver on the menu, and other areas of B.C.

For summer this year you will find the new Black Truffle Cheese Mushroom Burger on the menu that comes with truffle jack cheese, mushrooms, tomato, arugula, garlic aioli and patty. But that isn’t the only exciting new addition they’ve got.

Crab Cakes For Summer

Looking for crab cakes in B.C. for summer? Find them at White Spot when you order the crab cake burger or crab cake salad. You can also switch out the crab cake burger bun for a gluten free variety.

The Crab Cake Burger is going to be a panko crusted Canadian rock crab and shrimp cake that is paired with the butter grilled and turned inside out bun, along with some Thai pesto mayo and lettuce with red onion.

If you don’t want it on the bun then you can order it as a salad and that comes with local greens, pickled carrots, avocado crema dressing, radish, cucumber, and red onion. For anyone who wants crab cakes in Vancouver or crab cake salad etc, check out what’s on the menu for summer over at White Spot now.

Seafood For Summer

Other fresh seafood menu items for summer at White Spot include the Toasted Shrimp Sandwich. The Toasted Shrimp Sandwich comes with Ocean Wise prawns, lettuce, mayo, chili sauce, and you can pair with white, multigrain, or sourdough bread.

Ordering White Spot is easy if you access third party delivery apps to do it and you can also go in for dining in or picking up to take home and enjoy there.

Take your sandwich or meal to a park or beach to enjoy, there are many beautiful places around B.C. to plan a picnic this summer and enjoy some good food. If you are craving crab cakes in Vancouver or something fresh and fun for summer then try the new crab cake burger and crab cake salad from White Spot, or one of their other delicious menu items.

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