Canada Plans to Ban New Gas-Engine Car Sales by 2035

Canada currently has plans to eventually move forward with the decision to phase out sales of new gas and diesel-engines for cars and light trucks by 2035. This is moving five years earlier than was originally planned and make up their aggressive goals to transition to zero-emission vehicles in the market.

To get to the goal of having more electric vehicles we will see more investment in charging infrastructure, and other changes being made to make way for the transition ahead.

Canada’s plans are similar to those that have been considered by a number of European countries and other individual cities that have moved to ban the sales of gas and diesel passenger cars.

The expectation is that more regions are going to make this move in the coming years, several countries are looking at eventually aiming to phase out internal-combustion vehicles by 2040 or earlier.

Right now there are a growing number of EV owners in B.C. and around certain regions of Canada, and if they are to one day dominate the roadways in the country it is going to be a slow transition happening over the next few decades. For the EV market though there are still concerns for those who have or who want to buy EVs, such as where they might charge them for those who live in apartment buildings.

British Columbia has already set clear goals when it comes to trying to eliminate fuel-powered car sales in the B.C. market by certain time.

It’s estimated that some 3.5 percent of cars that are currently sold in Canada today are electric, but more are being sold in some provinces than others. British Columbia is going to be eventually phasing out fuel-powered cars and trucks with a total ban that will at some point coming into effect in 2040.

There is growing demand for EVs in Canada Today

Vancouver is already considered to be one of the greenest cities and thousands of electric vehicles have been sold in provinces like B.C. and Quebec.

One of the most popular electric vehicles that is already being sold in Canada is also considered to be the Chevy Volt, but you can find many Tesla’s and other varieties on the road.

B.C. takes the lead in EV adoption as there are now estimated to be more electric vehicles in B.C. than other provinces like Quebec, showing an impressive trend that is growing around the province. EVs are a popular mode of transportation here and perhaps having some of the highest gas prices in the country could also have something to do with that transition.

Canada will move to ban the sale of new fuel-powered cars and light trucks in the market from 2035

Canada has a goal to eventually reach net-zero emissions across the country by 2050 and this is a part of that plan.

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