B.C. E-Scooter Pilot Project: Kelowna Votes to Ban Use Around Downtown Waterfront

E-scooters are now legally allowed to be used in Kelowna as a part of a new B.C. pilot project to see how well e-scooters work around the province. They will be operating under the same rules as bikes and e-bikes.

Now in cities around B.C. like Kelowna and others people can access shared e-scooters to use for a transportation option. The cities involved in the pilot project include Kelowna, Vancouver, and other regions.

B.C. Cities Getting E-Scooters

  • Kelowna
  • West Vancouver
  • Vernon
  • Vancouver
  • North Vancouver City and district.

Now permits have been issued in B.C. to electric scooter companies so that they can operate in regions like Kelowna and other areas. The hope is that the program is going to boost their efforts toward certain mobility goals for the community.

The e-scooters in B.C. provide one more transportation option for people who are willing and open to it, that’s flexible and affordable for many.

The benefits associated with having e-scooter programs come into different B.C. communities include:

  • promoting a more active living community
  • encouraging alternative transportation methods to car or truck etc
  • removing pressure for moving more cars and trucks on the road
  • helping to lower the cost of living with another affordable transportation method that might be preferred by many.

E-scooter companies in Kelowna include those like Zip, Roll, Lime, and Bird.

Those who rent or use e-scooters can use them in the same way that bikes and e-bikes are used. This means using them on streets, bike lanes, and on shared pathways in those regions that have approved of the pilot e-scooter project.


There are some areas that using the e-scooters is going to be banned. One region that has passed rules on that recently is Kelowna. Officials there have banned the use of those rental e-scooters from the downtown waterfront in Kelowna. They want to reduce the number of complaints about bad e-scooter behavior and make the use of them safer overall in the community.

In Kelowna now e-scooter rentals are banned downtown between 10:30 p.m. and 4 a.m

They are also limiting the total rental fleet of e-scooter devices as well. Those who are interested in renting or using one won’t be able to use them along the waterfront or along pedestrianized blocks. They are looking to successfully be able to manage the e-scooter program going forward and don’t want it to get out of control.

Depending on how the pilot project goes around B.C. we might also see other restrictions come about for cities that have so far embraced the e-scooter effort like Vancouver and others.

Already in B.C. there are thousands of e-scooters being rented each day.

In Vancouver they recently introduced some rules related to e-scooters as well. Including rules that prohibit riding the electric scooters on the sidewalks, seawall, or on major streets. The e-scooters are only to be used on approved streets and bike lanes. The devices also cannot go faster than 24 km/h.

Vancouver is just one of the 6 B.C. regions that is taking part in bringing these scooters forward as a potential transportation option.

The e-scooter program in B.C. is expected to go on until April 2024 with officials around the province looking to see how they might implement this transportation option in different communities in a safe and effective manner.

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