Surrey City Committee Encourages People To Walk Together And Get Active

From plogging to walking, city officials in Surrey have been trying to encourage more physical activity in the community this summer. One effort has been to try and inspire the new trend of plogging here in Surrey, B.C. which is a mix of jogging while picking up garbage.

The plogging trend is one that has been hitting Sweden and other places around the world. Now today you can find a variety of articles and videos that detail the plogging trend. But this isn’t the only effort to try and inspire more movement in the community.

Staying Active For Summer

Now city officials are encouraging the community to walk together. They have organized four volunteer led outdoor walks in Surrey that are going to be going on in July to take part in.

For anyone who might be looking to meet others in the community, get out and get active, this could be a good chance to do it. The effort is referred to as the Surrey Walks Together Initiative.

Surrey Walks Together Initiative Dates

  • July 10: Bear Creek Park 13750 88th Ave – 45 mins walk
  • July 17: Green Timbers Urban Forest 14600 block of 100th Ave – 35 mins walk
  • July 24: Fleetwood Park 15802 80th Ave – 40 mins walk
  • July 31: Crescent Park 2585 132 Street – 45 mins walk

Residents in Surrey of all ages are welcome to join the Surrey Walks Together Initiative this July. There is also going to be a related contest that can be entered between July and August that will offer weekly prize packages too.

Summer is a great time to get outdoors and see new sights around the community. This is a chance for community members in Surrey to enjoy the fresh air and the different routes that have been organized for these walks.

Walking in a group with new people from the community can help to foster some new social connections, inspire new physical activity, and introduce you to new people and places around the area.

What time are the community walks in Surrey?

These organized walks in Surrey take place on the weekend, Saturday mornings at 10:00 am.

If you want to take part then there is still time to plan ahead and join in on those walks that have been planned for July 2021 for the Surrey community.

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